UN official Caught on tape Raping Minor in a UN vehicle

The video caught in a busy street in Israel shows the UN predator in the back roll of the SUV, with a red-dressed young woman . Another official pretends to be dozing off in the passenger seat.The car then drives off into the busy city street. From every indication, three UN officials are responsible for the sexual assault.

Sexual assault is not new to the UN. Investigative reporter Julie Bindel, last year in a report entitled, “‘The UN’s sexual abuse shame” writes: “I have heard men justify buying sex from desperate, teen aged women in [African countries] by claiming that they are helping her feed her kids.”. the Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres is aware of the sexual exploitation of vulnerable people around the world by UN officials. In January 2017, he established a high-level task force within the UN to identify and eradicate sexual exploitation and abuse. “This was in response to the scandal in the Central African Republic in 2017 when several children were sexually abused by a French peacekeeping force that was under UN control”. According to Juli Bindel, the victims are usually women. She says the extent of sexual abuse during UN missions is shocking and disturbing. “The very men who are tasked with making life better for these already traumatized women are making their lives infinitely worse”. Read her article here A Whistler in 2018 claimed that the UNO carried out about 6000 rape cases in the past decade.

Video of UN Sexual abuse

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