Anatomy of the ngarbuh massacre: how africa’s oldest dictator 87-year-old paul biya, planned and executed children some 87 years younger than him

Two of the massacred victims were Eighty-seven years younger than the 87-year-old dictator who killed them. What in the world can enable a man, who is certainly living a bonus life (life expectancy in Kamerun is 58.1) to be gnawing British Southern Cameroun youths of all ages in such a cruel manner? Paul Biya is 87 years old, and as president has outlived four French Presidents, seven UK Prime Ministers and Five U.S Presidents. He is the continent’s second longest governing dictator, with 37 years as president, seven prior to that as Prime Minister, and a couple as minister. This “African Strongman’s” horrible human rights record is no secret to the world – arbitrary arrests and disappearances, army and police brutality, mass bunker prisons, jailing of journalists among other Atrocity Crimes. He is a heartless sanguinary dictator, whose killings reached a new low on 14 February, 2020, when he massacred about 37 people in Ngarbuh, Nothern Zone of British Cameroon. Among his victims were ageless fetuses, killed in their mothers’ wombs. Two weeks after the infanticide, he repeated the same gruesome killing of women and children in Babanki Tungoh on the 29 of February, 2020. Here, more than 11 innocent British Cameroonians were killed, with a four-month old feeding baby abandoned on the blood of the killed mother (video below). Read the details of how Africa’s oldest dictator, one day after his pomp 87 birthday mauled children and women, who in their lives would never have earned the cost of his birthday cake he displayed to the world.

Only Grand Dad who hates other’s Grand Kids

Prelude to the Massacre:

Prior to the heavily boycotted French Cameroun organized election in the British Southern Cameroons on 9th February, 2020, French Cameroun soldiers invaded the quiet Ngarbuh area and forcefully installed themselves in a church house with no authorization. They smashed the church doors and the local priest was threatened with elimination if he raises any objection. From there, they coordinated their action at a time that the inhabitants will be all present.


The French Cameroun Military raid and massacre took place in Ngar 3 village (also known as Ngarbuh 3), a farming locality and highly remote village, situated at the borders of Wibum and Nso (Ndu and Nkum subdivisions), NDU Sub division of the Ndonga-Mantum Division, in the North West Region of British Cameroon. On Thursday night 13th February 2020, armed elements belonging to the French Camerounian army, accompanied by local herdsmen and other pro-government armed militias, camped in the neighboring villages of Ngar 3 (Chii and Fiiru).

On Friday 14th of February 2020, at around 3 a.m, an attack was launched in the village of Ngar 3 from Fiiru by a joint military operation consisting of six soldiers, three armed men belonging to ex-combatants of the restoration forces of the State of Ambazonia and numerous herdsmen. The operation consisted, among other things, the burning and shooting everywhere.
According to eyewitnesses and survivors, the joint mission was headed by the former combatant who led the armed group to Ngarbuh, a resident in Ndu town, Nfor Marcel called “Bullet” alongside two other ex-combatants around him. He ran away from the work (fight), more than a year and joined the National Disarmament, Demobilisation, and Re-integration Committee (NDDRC), created by Decree N° 2018/719 of 30 November 2018, created by French Cameroun Authorities. The attack was bloody, no one was spared. Some villagers were burned alive and those who could not find shelter were shot, as shown by the bodies of the victims scattered in the bushes.

Pregnant women and children who escaped gunfire and machete while sheltering in a house were all burnt alive. The Manjo Seka family was wiped out entirely – a family of 9, Father, mother, and children. Some survivors attested that a total of 13 houses are now known to have been burnt and many villagers burnt (many burnt beyond recognition), and several missing. Among the 35 corpses discovered immediately after the massacre were, three (3) pregnant women, three (3) children including a family of about 9 persons and other men and women. Among the victims, recorded, about 9 men, 6 women, and 14 children of whom were three children below three years as there were some cases in the hospital. Out of the 14 children, 11 were of primary school-going ages, three were still breast feeding.

Denial Lies and Threats post-Ngarbuh massacre

After the massacre, the villagers received an alert they said came from the village chief of Ntumbuw (Ngarbuh is a locality) who relayed the threats of some soldiers, telling them that they had three days (72 hours) to leave the villages, otherwise they would expect the worst. According to reports, certain elements of the army implicated in the attack returned to the scene a few hours later to intimidate and proceed to seize the mobile phones of the inhabitants of the said village. This unintentionally led many residents to take refuge in the bushes and neighboring villages. Many of the killed were buried on Saturday February 15, 2020 in numerous mass graves. (Ms. Shuka Ngon, 30, who was operated on immediately after arriving at the Banso Baptist Hospital after being severely tortured, lost the baby she was carrying).

Acknowledgment and Denial by French Cameroun.

While they were denying,

The church authorities in the area were busy paying tribute to the massacred children. Kumbo Diocese that encompasses Ngarbuh organized a solemn ceremony on February 21, 2020, in Kumbo, to pray for the repose of the souls of the innocent people massacred by the old dictator. Most present were children, to remember about 14 of their age mates gored by the octogenarian. French Cameroun Army Spokesman, Cyrille Serge Atonfack calls the church a compromised body, claiming only five civilians were killed due to fire exchange between Ambazonia soldiers and the French Cameroun army and also due to gasoline explosion.

Human Rights watch, was not left out of the evidence of accusing French Cameroun’s Biya militias of killing the women and children. As for the French Cameroun authorities denying that they committed the Atrocity crimes, the organization said, ” “Denying that these crimes have occurred adds another layer of trauma to survivors and will only embolden government troops to commit more atrocities.”. This follows their own investigations in which they interviewed, “25 people, including 3 witnesses to the killings and 7 relatives of victims “. Amongst those interviwed was Mallam Danjuma, later picked up by the lying French Cameroun authorities for speaking the truth. Even with satellite images, the French Cameroun authorities were bent on encouraging their militias/soldiers to kill more. The result was another massacre of women and children at Babanki Tungo, about 180 Kms away from Ngarbuh, on 29 February, 2020.

The Babanki Massacre 29 February, 2020

“We were arrested and promised to be killed, if we don’t show the home of an Ambazonia general, said to be in our quarter. They molested us, told us the music we were dancing that night, at the village night club. We were coming back from the said village dance night”. An innocent villager whom the French Cameroun soldiers spared for another day narrates. “From every indication, they had come to the dance, and were monitoring us. They molested us till 5 AM. We were there when they went to a building, with tenants, surrounded it and sprayed it with bullets. Everybody in there was killed. Some villagers who heard the shooting and attempted to run to the bush were eliminated. Another survivor narrates the sad tale.

The result was that more than 19 were killed, including women and children, on 29 February, 2020, at Babanki Tungo, in British Southern Cameroun. Reports say the French Cameroun soldiers mockingly celebrated over the bodies, before retiring to the French Cameroun governor’s office, at up station, Bamenda to throw a lavish party, celebrating their genocidal action. The images were gruesome. In one, a 6-year-old boy’s stomach was emptied. In another, an innocent baby was seen drenched in her dead mother’s blood all night. “This is ethnic cleansing. What have women and children done to deserve this?” A relative of a victim laments.

names and ages of the killed in the two massacres

List of some victims of the massacre of Ngarbuh, North West British Cameroon

Sika Family, all 7 dead
1. Sika Ibrahim (father) 45 years old

2. Sika Assana (pregnant mother)

3. Sika Amsa- 9 years old, class 4,

4. Sika Alima – 7 years old, class 3,

5. Sika Yamsi- 6 years old, class 3,

6. Sika Yasimiratou- 12 years old, class 6,

7. Sika Soliatou- 5 years old, class 1

Kwecheri Gladys and 8 other victims in her family, all dead 8. Kwecheri Gladys

9. Shey Diana- 15 years old, class 6

10. Shey Midian – 13 years, old class 6

11. Shey Jude- 9 years old, class 3

12. Shey Tracy- 5 years old, class 1

13. Shey Cynthia- 6 years old class 2

14. Mary Angel – 4 years old, Government nursery school

15. Berinyuy -5 months old

16. Janet Ya’a- 45 years old

17. Family of Pa Abdulai Sunjo

18. Pa Abdulai Sunjo- 80 years old

19. Muamshatu- 30 years old

20. Family of Pa Alidu Bah

21. Pa Alidu Bah- 75 years old.

22. Kinyui, female- 60 years old

23. Mubela, female- 7 years old.


24. Shuka, female, 30 years old: (pregnant at now at Banso Baptist Hospital. She lost the pregnancy).

25. Justine, male, 18 years old.

Children Who Survived the Carnage

Family Of Sika Shakira,

Female, 12 years old Usani, male, 9 years old Gambo, male, 6 years old

Ngarbuh village on the eve of the massacre Some of the children massacred in Ngarbuh 3

Many mass graves are found in Ngarbuh 3

For further details of the Ngarbuh Massacre click here

Some Names of Victims Killed at Babanki Tungo

1. Veheny Promise

2. Ngwain Cleverson

3. Tob Amueh

4. Gweh Cyprain

5.Nyingcbo Clovis Anguh

6. Vetouh Martina

7. Gahndieny Lilian

8. Neijang Margaret

For a complete list of the killed in Ngarbuh and Babanki Tungoh Massacres and those killed in February 2020 in British Southern Cameroon, click here.

Ngarbuh and Babanki Massacres.

AGL, wants to thank the Coalition of Civil Society Human Organisations for Peace in the Anglophone regions and other affected regions, for most of the material of this write-up.

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