33 Children, +24 Women, among the +152 Killed by africa’s most brutal & Oldest dictator – Paul Biya, in February 2020

While February 2020, recorded less killings in the ongoing genocide in British Cameroon, it no doubt got the attention of the world, and exposed once more the lies and barbarism of the French Cameroun government, under 87-year-old dictator Paul Biya. Prior to Ngarbuh in which 37 innocent women and children were massacred, the killings and burning in the British Southern Cameroon was evident in Bangem in the Southern Zone of the territory on 9 February, 2020, where more than 5 youths where caught, by the French Cameroun military and executed. Some were pulled behind military trucks before being killed. Four days later – 13 February, 2020, two civilians were burnt alive in their homes in Bamendakwe, northern part of the territory. In Ngarbuh, on 14 February, 2020, the genocide took a different twist: “Among the victims, we recorded about 9 were men, 6 women, and 14 children of whom were three children below three years…. Out of the 14 children, 11 were of primary school-going ages, three were still breast feedings… There were also 3 pregnant women, some who subsequently lost the pregnancy. A Coalition of Civil Society-Human Rights Association writes. (Details in our subsequent write-up)

87-year-old Paul Biya, Killing Women and Children

between Ngarbuh and Babanki Tungoh

With the global alarm following the Ngarbuh massacre, one would have thought the French Cameroun authorities will exercise some restrain in its killings. It never happened; at least 52 British Cameroonians were killed randomly before the next huge massacre, which was to come from Babanki Tungoh in the Northern Zone of the territory. Below are the places where the killings took place, prior to the Babanki Tungoh massacre on 29 February, 2020.

  1. Mankon (Ntahkah) 24 February, 2020. Villages invaded the two killed were laced with grenades. Corpses shattered during retrieval. Luckily no one killed again
  2. . Oku, Bui County, 24 February, 2020. Three Killed
  3. Bamenda 23 February, 2020. Two unarmed youths, picked up, tortured, killed and dumped
  4. Fungom, Menchum County. +20 Killed, 21 February, 2020
  5. Kumba 15 February, 2020. Two innocent soccer youths picked up and killed
  6. Bamenda (Mankon), 19 February, 2020. One Innocent driver, pulled out of the St. Mary Hospital and shot in front of family and other patients and onlookers. He was rushing to save a life.
  7. Muyuka, 18 February, 2020. one Old father, beaten with broken ribs on the 9 February, 2020. He died on 18 February, 2020,and was buried like trash.
  8. Muyuka 20th February, 2020. Driver named Cornelius, shot and killed.
  9. Babessi, Ndop County, 18 February, 2020. Two innocent civilians shot by French Cameroun commander for claiming they have sympathy for Amba
  10. Kuk Village, Fungom of Menchum County, 17 February, 2020. +3 Killed and houses set ablaze.
  11. Mendakwe, Mezam County. On Eve of Ngarbuh. Two burnt alive
  12. Balinyonga, Innocent student killed, for being British Cameroonian 20 February, 2020. For Details with images, (Click here)

Babanki Tungo Massacre 29 February, 2020

“We were arrested and promised to be killed, if we don’t show the home of an Ambazonia general, said to be in our quarter. They molested us, told us the music we were dancing that night, at the village night club. We were coming back from the said village dance night”. An innocent villager whom the French Cameroun soldiers spared for another day narrates. “From every indication, they had come to the dance, and were monitoring us. They molested us till 5 AM. We were there when they went to a building, with tenants, surrounded it and sprayed it with bullets. Everybody in there was killed. Some villagers who heard the shooting and attempted to run to the bush were eliminated. Another survivor narrates the sad tale.

The result was more than 19 killed, including women and children, on the 29 February, 2020, at Babanki Tungoh, in British Southern Cameroun. Reports say the French Cameroun soldiers mockingly celebrated over the bodies, before retiring to the French Cameroun governor’s office, at Up Station, Bamenda, to throw a lavish party, celebrating their genocidal action. The evidence of their infanticide was seen with the video of a 5-month-old baby drenched in the blood of her killed mother overnight. (Click here for the video). Here are some of the names of the killed: 1. Veheny Promise 2. Ngwain Cleverson 3. Tob Amueh 4. Gweh Cyprain 5.Nyingcho Clovis Anguh 6. Vetouh Martina 7. Gahndieny Lilian 8. Neijang Margaret

Poor Baby Slept beside her killed mother for hours (see video below)

Below are the images and videos of those killed in February 2020 by Paul Biya.

Women and Children

Ngarbuh, 14 February, 2020

Babanki Tungoh 29 February, 2020

Others Killed in February, 2020

Video of Some of the Massacres by French Cameroun in February, 2020.

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