Amb. Tibor Nagy: “Biya can’t win this war”. can he win the genocide? +52 Killed post-Ngarbuh.

On the 14 of February, 2020, one of the many massacres in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon managed to momentarily grab some western headlines. The effect was that it scared diplomats versed with the genocide to willy-nilly issue lame statements to add to the previous lame ones early issued on the killings.”All they did was change the dates on their previous communiques” One activist said. There is no doubt that silence would have solicited questions from the few Western media that covered the massacre, and which these diplomats fear and respect. Most of the Western media got the figures wrong. This according to observers again show just how worthless black lives are. Social media is witness to the fact that these diplomats know not only the history of the conflict, but conversant with the Atrocity Crimes committed by French Cameroon on the once independent people of British Southern Cameroon. The French President Emmanuel Macron, accepted his awareness of the genocide, when confronted at a farm occasion in France on Saturday 23 February, 2020. His involvement was never in doubt, his open confession was certainly a wake-up call for Western countries and the UN, that has been put in a fix over the abuses committed by French Cameroun, pretentiously shielded by France and Macron

U.S Assistant Sec. for Africa, Mr. Tibor Nagy, waving a finger with no action to save children’s lives in British Cameroon.

While Ngarbuh in which more than 37 were massacred including 2 pregnant women and 14 children got these flimsy releases, post-Ngarbuh has received zero attention, even though it has been more deathly. Since the incident, the world has gone back to her normal coma, while the perpetrator of the massacre arrogantly continues the genocide. More villages have been burnt and civilians killed. Witnesses to the massacre have been picked up, others are feared killed.

U.S Ambassador to Africa, Mr. Tibor Nagy has in numerous outings emphasized that Biya cannot win the war, but has failed to ensure a resolution is achieved that respect the historical origin of the war, which has seen enormous destruction of British Cameroon by French Cameroun soldiers. The question to the ambassador is simple : while he knows Biya can’t win the war, can he thus win the Genocide, in which renowned experts like Dr. Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch have agreed it is one ? What happened to Responsibility to Protect (R2P or RtoP? With the dysfunction in the United Nations, and its inability to protect vulnerable people from extinction, isn’t it time to invoke this tool in the box, as Mr. Tibor had earlier told Congress they were there? History will not be too kind to the U.S for staying silence in the face of such barbarism that run contrary to the values of the country. The U.S has no shortage of information on the Genocide. Why wait for more innocent civilians to be killed by a dictator that your own ambassador has accused of carrying out targeted killings of Anglophones? Since the war began almost Four years now, it is estimated that more than 20,000 people have been killed. Also, the war has rendered more than 70,000 as refugees in Nigeria. An additional 100000 homes have been burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers. The Ambassador’s unwillingness to exert pressure on the French Cameroun government has prompted such questions like, is the Ambassador playing for time to run out his duration as the Ambassador to Africa? Remember the U.S in 1961 voted for British Southern Cameroon independence.

Below are the number of people killed since 87-year-old Paul Biya’s 2020 Valentine’s day massacre in Ngarbuh, British Cameroon

  1. Mankon (Ntahkah) 24 February, 2020. Villages invaded the two killed were laced with grenades. Corpses shattered during retrieval. Luckily no one killed again

2. Oku, Bui County, 24 February, 2020. Three Killed

3. Bamenda 23 February, 2020. Two unarmed youths, picked up, tortured, killed and dumped

4. Fungom, Menchum County. +20 Killed, 21 February, 2020.

5. Kumba 15 February, 2020. Two innocent soccer youths picked up and killed

6. Bamenda (Mankon), 19 February, 2020. One Innocent driver, pulled out of the St. Mary Hospital and shot in front of family and other patients and onlookers. He was rushing to save a life.

7. Muyuka, 18 February, 2020. one Old father, beaten with broken ribs on the 9 February, 2020. He died on 18 February, 2020,and was buried like trash.

8. Muyuka 20th February, 2020. Driver named Cornelius, shot and killed.

9. Babessi, Ndop County, 18 February, 2020. Two innocent civilians shot by French Cameroun commander for claiming they have sympathy for Amba.

10. Kuk Village, Fungom of Menchum County, 17 February, 2020. +3 Killed and houses set ablaze.

11. Mendakwe, Mezam County. On Eve of Ngarbuh. Two burnt alive


13. Balinyonga, Innocent student killed, for being British Cameroonian 20 February, 2020

14. Fundong, Mbam Village, 21 February, 2020. Two killed – Sama Amos and Nfini Leonard, claiming they were Ambazonia soldiers. Disregard for British Cameroonian life.

15. Died in exile in Nigeria, running from the genocide.Pa Pius John Nyamdon from Bali Nyonga, was targeted for elimination by the French Cameroun regime.

Copses on the streets of british cameroon

Foreign official Witness first hand the carnage in British Cameroon – corpses on the street

Here are the images

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