British S. Cameroon Genocide: burying a fetus killed in the womb by 87-year-old paul biya, as u.n plays OSTRICH

The massacre of 37 people in NW British Cameroon, including 14 children, and about three pregnant woman, is not the first and would not be the last. The world stood by when the same soldiers killed and burnt from 94-year-old Mami Appih, to 4-month-old Martha in Muyuka. In all, the international Community remains mute with verbal condemnation.

Cecil the Lion, got much sympathy and action around the world than more than 20,000 killed in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia). Just the mere access to observers and western journalists have been refused by the 87-year-old dictator, Paul Biya, in power since 1982. No western country has asked the reason why the refusal. The issue of falsely claiming sovereignty over a territory that in historical facts was not part of another country during her independence is a visa for the genocide. For UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who got a golden statue for silence on the genocide to shamelessly ask the murderer of the children to investigate their actions is share insensitivity to black lives. SHAME! SHAME AND SHAME.

Below is the image of the casket and burial of a fetus from the killed mother. What next Karen Bass, Tibor Nagy etc? We are tired of “WE ARE MONITORING…., WE HAVE CALLED ON… WE TALKED ON THE NEED FOR… ETC”. Killing people after calling them dogs, terrorists, secessionists etc.

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Images of other babies and handicaps Killed by French Cameroun Soldiers

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