paul biya’s Ngarbuh children’s massacre was well planned

According to sources from Ndu and corroborated by a French Cameroun military informant, the Ngarbuh massacre was well-planned in advance. Prior to the boycotted election in the area on 9th February, 2020, French Cameroun soldiers invaded the quiet Ngarbuh area and forcefully installed themselves in a church house with no authorization. They smashed the church doors and the local priest was threatened with elimination if he raises any objection. From there, they coordinated their action at a time that the inhabitants will be all present. Inhabitants of the area insists, no fighting has ever taken place in the area, with restoration forces of the state of Ambazonia, who are loved by the population in the territory. This love according to one of the affected’s family members angers the French Cameroun armies, who are hated by the locals for their brutality.

“Some were shot, butchered with knives. Some burnt in their houses. Those who tried to escape were shot at. We counted 27 corpses and others were retrieved in the bushes, making 37. Others are still missing. We don’t know if they have been killed or not. A victim tells BBC Africa. Another victim, whose family was erased was pellucid: “Out of the nine in my family that were killed, one was a boy. the rest were less than 12 years old. My sister who was breast-feeding her four-month old baby were shot in front of the house. My sister’s daughter and her six children, were all killed” Another victim also tells the BBC.

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One Survivor

Fulanis earlier prepped up by local politicians and the French Cameroun government are said to have accompanied the French Cameroun Military in the action. In all, about 14 children and pregnant women were among the 37 executed by the French Cameroun miliatry. Six of the kids were inquirers preparing for Baptism. Ngarbuh is not the first and will not be the last in the ongoing genocide on the minority English-speaking people of British Southern Cameroon. The war has killed more than 20,000 British Southern Cameroonians.

Corpses of the children killed by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias

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Using Fulanis, Mbororos or government’s own militias called Atanga Nji boys to attack natives is prevalent. The above the law government of Mr. Biya has employed the tactic severally with devastating consequences. It happened in the same area of Donga Mantung in 2018, where more than 32 boys were killed. The tactic is prevalent in the county of Menchum as well. Below is one of the actions where the Fulanis are guarded by the French Cameroun military to burn and kill villagers whom the government believe are not too loyal to them. The same military films their atrocities to the glee of the French Cameroun appointed Governor of the territory Mr. Lele Afrique. The French Cameroun military’s action of arming one religious of ethnic group against another is a script adopted by France in the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

French Cameroun Soldiers Guarding Mbororos to go Kill Natives.

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