Reconstruction scam: more Homes Looted and Torched by French Cameroun Bulubeti Soldiers in Mankon

French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers continue their looting and torching of villages in British Cameroons, while at the same time pretending to be busy with modalities for reconstructing earlier burnt villages. Their latest casualty was the neighborhood of Mile 8 in Mankon, Mezam County of the occupied territory, on 22 June, 2020. After scaring the residents with gun shots, the military/militias with empty trucks ransacked the little strip mall, that serves as the areas business hub, emptying the shops’ content onto the empty military trucks. Satisfied with their loot and to exact more pain on the residents, the empty stores were then set ablaze. Windows of shops they could not break into were smashed and embers thrown into the building to destroy what they could not steal.

Residents talk of none-stop military firing prior to the looting. “There was no confrontation with anybody, as the gun sounds were uniform” A resident narrates. A local cooking gas distributor lost more than 160 gas bottles/cylinders to the French Cameroun military looters. Frustrated by their inability to force-open a local Credit Union – Ntambang Credit Union, the angry French Cameroun military looters then smashed the institution’s window to ease their burning. Molotov cocktails were then thrown in. Residents display left over bullets from the indiscriminate firing. Charred vehicles could be seen from the destruction. Losses are estimated in their millions.

Since the conflict started more than four years, now an estimated 450 villages have been burnt by the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers. of mummified Paul Biya. So far, no organization or individuals have called for the soldiers to end such scorched earth policies on the people of British Southern Cameroons – Africa’s First Democracy South of the Sahara. For details of burnt villages in the conflict, click here

Video of French Cameroun Looting and Burning in Mankon 22 June, 2020.

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