Wazizi’s Murderers: Okalia Bilai Says Wazizi was taken to “Siberia”

Like Joseph Stalin in the Great Purge in the 30s, Siberia was a name synonymous to extinction. Millions of Soviet and satellite citizens took this journey of No Return to the East – Siberia. In British Southern Cameroons, any citizen taken to the East = Yaounde, is synonymous to death. The French Cameroun Capital town of Yaounde has become the Siberia of British Southern Cameroonians, where many have been killed, some in jails and tortured daily. Colonial governor of British Cameroon, who calls the citizens dogs after being the nexus of thousands of murders in the ongoing genocide in the territory, is trying to exonerate himself from the execution of journalist Samuel Ajiekha Abuwe, commonly called Wazizi. Mr. Okalia Bilai, has just said the journalist was sent to Yaounde (Siberia) after his arrest by him. Video below:

Mourners of Wazizi jsut from meeting the colonial governor

Wazizi, who hosted the “Halla ya Matta” (Shout out your Problem) weekday pidgin show on local broadcaster Chillen Muzik TV, was arrested by police in Buea on August 2, 2019, and killed on 17 August, 2019 His death was finally aknowledged by the French Cameroun authorities on June 5, 2020. Read the details of the arrest and lies by the French Cameroun killers here. To read and watch some of the atrocities of Mr. Okalia Bilai, click here

Colonial Governor Okalia Bilai Bernard

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