British S. Cameroon Genocide: Colonial Officer Kills Teen for $1 bribe

“They don’t value our lives”, a motorist told onlookers. He just killed him because of 500CFA ($1). One sad aspect of the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) is the generalized exploitation of the defenseless population by the French Cameroun colonial forces. A week earlier was the neighborhood of Mankon, where the soldiers brought in empty trucks and looted the strip mall there, then setting it on fire.

Ndifon Promise Nkuah

On this fateful day 5 July, 2020, the 18-year-old, Ndifon Promise Nkuah, was stopped by the French Cameroun coloinal forces at Foncha Street in Bamenda and asked to pay $1(bribe) before carrying out his normal transportation business. When the 18-year-old said he could not afford the money, the said Bulubeti colonial soldier of mummified Paul Biya of French Cameroun seized his motor bike. He only handed back the poor boy’s bike after confiscating his national identity card, pending the payment of the $1 bribe. Moving without this apartheid-type pass in British Cameroun is a fast lane to prison or the graveyard.

After securing the needed money the next day to retrieve his Identity Card, the said soldier inflated the amount to $10 (5,000 cfa). When the poor Ndifon, protested, the soldier descended on him. The “military man fell on him, kicking his penis and his chest causing him to bleed through the ears, nostrils  and mouth. We wanted to intervene and save our friend but they had guns and there was nothing we could do”. Another bike rider narrates the ordeal to reporter Raymond of Drayinfos.

Ndifon’s final Journey home

After the beating the poor Ndifon, was rushed to a nearby health center were he died of his wounds. “ They even told us that not even the French Cameroun Army General in charge of the territory can stop them from collecting the monies because they are answerable to Yaounde“, the French Cameroun colonial Capital.  Another helpless bike rider states. The genocide that began in 2016 on the once autonomous territory of British Cameroon has claimed an estimated 21,000 lives. For more on the killings and burning click here.

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