British S. Cameroon Genocide: Months After French Cameroun and its Fulani militia destruction, Buabua Village still in Ruins.

The people of Buabua have known nothing but pain under mummified French Cameroun leader Paul Biya. The village inhabits survivors of the gas explosion of Lake Nyos, that killed more than 1,800 of their relatives in 1986. Till date, dictator Biya and France have maintained a welded lid on the cause of that disaster. Previously under Menchum County, the colonizer later “balkanized” the area forming a new administrative area called Boyo for a newly-appointed colonial French Cameroun Administrator, charged with imposing the French language on the people.

Buabua still in Ruins
One of the victims killed by French Cameroun in Buabua on 5 December, 2020

According to BBC pidgin corroborated by other news sources, the French Cameroun military alongside its sponsored Fulani Militias, on December 5, 2019, invaded the victimized locality, burning and killing civilians under the guise of fighting British Southern Cameroon Freedom fighters. By the time the Armageddon subsided, more than 100 homes were razed, and 15 innocent civilians massacred by the trigger-happy French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias. This action was to be repeated on 14 February, 2020 in Ngarbuh, where more than 37 including 14 children were massacred. The villagers thus deserted the villages of Buabua, Konene, Dumbo, Bum, Fonfuka, Kimbi and Subum. A visit to the Village of Buabua, five months later show the emptiness of the thriving community. The hospital destroyed by the French Cameroun soldiers still lays in ruins. (See Video) 

Buabua months after the French Cameroun Destruction

Below also are the villagers deserting the villages, following the French Cameroun Military killings

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