Pastor Alan had gathered some of his followers to pray for peace in the war-torn British Cameroon, in the village of Mautu, when colonial French Cameroun soldiers stormed his church and arrested him. He as usual was paraded as having committed a crime by the soldiers who questioned his resolve to pray for British Cameroon using the Blue and White Flag of the territory. Some of the writings on his banner affirm the fact that, “We all Belong to God” and “God Almighty Our Saviour”. Parading him as  fodder for their masters in Yaounde to see, the fearless child of God, is seen demanding, what crime he has committed, as he was arrested without anything apart from his Bible. The arrogant French Cameroun colonial soldiers are heard in the French language demanding why he has to use, but the Blue and White material to write the scriptures on. Three days after the said video – 17 August, 2020, the corpse of the man-of-God was found. The sanguinary French Cameroun Bulubeti militias have unloaded their guns on him. His followers and well-wishers, wailed in agony as the world continues to watch the ethnic cleansing of the minority English-speaking people of the territory.

Pastor Alan executed by French Cameroun Soldiers in Mautu. British Cameroon




Pastor Alan joins the list of preachers and Bible translators murdered by French Cameroun Soldiers in the conflict that has claimed more than 22,000 lives and rendered more than a million homeless. Some home and Foreign priests killed include:

Kenyan Mill Hill Father Cosmas Omboto Ondari, parochial vicar of St. Martin of Tours Parish in Kembong, British Cameroon. He was killed 21 November, 2018, outside his church by the same French Cameroun soldiers. “Eyewitness accounts say that he was killed by government soldiers, who were shooting at random from their passing vehicle,” the bishop said. Another man also was shot.“The forces of evil are on a rampage against the church of God but, as Christians, we believe in the promise of Christ that the gates of underworld will never prevail over the church,” the bishop said, adding, “We will remain vigilant.”

Father Cosmas Omboto Ondari


Father Sob was with two other people in his car when he was shot at close range with a silencer gun,” said Bishop Immanuel Bushu at the priest’s 11 August, 2018 funeral.“His killers are here with us…and their consciences won’t let them rest,” the bishop said. Despite attempts to deny it, the diocese where the father belongs, insists “he was targeted” by French Cameroun soldiers, for being a British Cameroonian

Father Alexander Sob Nougi was gunned down July 20, 2018

American Missionary, Charles Wesco “took two shots to the head when two bullets struck his car’s windshield. He was rushed to a hospital in Bamenda, British Cameroon but did not survive as the hospital lacked the appropriate equipment to handle such situations”. Hospitals and other infrastructure in the territory have been abandoned by the French colonial authorities as a means of facilitating the assimilation of the once autonomous territory. The family states he was killed by the French Cameroun colonial Soldiers.

Mr. Charles Wesco

Pastor (Apostle) Isaac Attoh: “A Ghanaian missionary, was murdered by French Cameroun soldiers in British Cameroon.The deceased, formerly of Destiny Impact Ministry at Barn Yard in Accra, traveled to Cameroon to run his own ministry. According to his family, he arrived at Batibo Cameroon on July 13, 2018 and was gunned down by military men loyal mummified President Paul Biya. His body was dumped on the walkway of a street.

Pastor (Apostle) Isaac Attoh:

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