French Cameroun soldiers continue their ethnic cleansing of British Southern Cameroonians. The men all executed in Ikiliwindi, Meme County, 22 August were all farmers  were farmers.  One of the victms, a grand father in his 70s is seen with the farming tool – cutlass, whose possession is an act of terrorism according to French Cameroun colonial authorities. he was gunned down on his way to his farm by the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias. The execution follows orders by the French Cameroun colonial authorities banning the use of cutlasses in the territory. Cutlasses it should be noted are the principal farming tool used by farmers in Africa south of the Sahara. The move has been interpreted as another attempt to impose artificial famine on the people to quicken their subjugation.  This month of August has marked one of the worst in the ongoing genocide in the territory. At least 120 innocent civilians have been executed by the French Cameroun military in their attempt to subdue the uprising of the citizens of the territory who were forcefully merged with French Cameroun by the UN and the UK Government in 1961. Some were executed and dumped in rivers. Click here for details. The uprising was sparked by years of marginalization by the majority French-speaking country. British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) it should be noted is Africa’s first democracy south of the Sahara. The territory accented to autonomous rule in 1953 after an attempted assimilation by Nigeria. For more of the history click here


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