“We were scared they will kill her as they killed others like the baby escorted in Northern Cameroun and killed with the mother. Who kidnaps a 6-year-old after burning their home shooting his parents and displaying his dead father’s corpse to the world?” a concerned citizen familiar with the looting, burning and raping that took place on 27 April, 2020, in Bafut, Local Government of British Cameroon ask. The French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers invaded the quiet community, in their ongoing extermination of British Cameroonians. After seriously torturing the 6-year-old’s (Ngwa Geraldine) mother and grand mother in front of her and burning their family home, the soldiers then  looted their livestock and kidnapped her alongside her elder sister – 17-year-old, Ngwa Sonita. More than 22 homes were burnt, at least 15 others killed, including the beheading of an innocent man –Pius (video here) and the gang-rape of a 64-year-old grand mother (click here for video).



Pictures displayed by the French Cameroun Colonial Bulubeti military show soldiers forcefully grabbing the 6-year-old’s hand for the photo-op. Another shows an unwilling elder sister being forced to embrace one of the soldiers who tortured her mothers and burnt their home. The anger and discontent is visible on the 17-year-old Sonita’s face.  ” I am not surprised if they have not sexually-abused the 17-year-old, if they can gang-rape a 64-year-old grand mother?” Another concerned individual versed with the French Cameroun atrocities questions. Even when they pretend to hand over the traumatized children to their military agents disguised as child and human services, the threatening weapons used to kill their mothers were evident, confirming the fact that, the innocent 6-year-old was treated as a terrorist by the French Cameroun Bulubeti brutal militias, even after the psychological trauma of living with your killer. Till date, the 6-year-old does not even know the whereabouts of her parents, yet is being used for propaganda by the French Cameroun authorities. Who kidnaps a 6-year-old after “killing” his parents?









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