Family members describe him as a quiet and hard working young carpenter. He was as usual hustling to earn a living in Bamenda, but on 2 September, 2020, the French Cameroun colonial Bulubeti militias arrested the young Nshom Macubal. Family members speak of a desperate search of his location at all police precincts and colonial “Gerdame” stations in vain. On the 4th of September, 2020, their search was answered. The young carpenter, about 19 years old had been summarily-executed by the French Cameroun military and the corpse dumped for collection like trash. This is the staple of French Cameroun colonial governor Mr. Lele Afrique who has presided over the execution of more than 10,000 British Southern Cameroonians in the northern part of the territory in 4 years. (Click here for some evidences).

Gov. “Butcher” Lele Afrique

Nshom’s summary-execution comes barely a month after three other innocent British Cameroonians from government’s fake Demobilization Center were blindfolded and executed at a river in Bafut at 3 am on 4 August, 2020. (Details here). On these executions, the governor who orders these executions attended church services the coming Sundays and received the holy sacrament. He is still to be held accountable for the genocide, neither does he has the concern for the wailing families to explain this inexplicable human cruelty. Even the so-called Human rights organizations have remained mute on the gross abuses meted by the French Cameroun authorities on the citizens of British Cameroon. The young carpenter hails from Small Babanki, where the same governor executed about 12 women and children in February 2020, including the mother of a 4-month-old. The poor baby slept on the mother’s blood the whole night and was only discovered the next morning. Details and video here.

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