The practice of effacing any evidence by the French Cameroun Colonial Administration since the ongoing genocide in British Cameroon is the norm now and not the exception. On 25 May, 2018, the French Cameroun soldiers under its French Colonial Governor – Butcher Lele Afrique, rounded up more than 27 innocent young British Southern Cameroonians in Menka-Pinyin Santa and executed them. One survivor who escaped the killings and was taken to a nearby Health Center in the Village of Akum was whisked off his drips and killed alongside his two brothers who brought him to the health center. According to Fru Ndi of the Social Democratic Front Party (SDF), the killing of all related to the incident was a way to erase any evidence of the planned massacre by ruling party officials angry with youths who failed to march, sing and dance during National day celebration in the area, five days earlier. (watch Fru Ndi’s interview). On the 11th August 2020, a woman was massacred in Muyuka, a few meters away from French Cameroun military installation. Pro-French Cameroun regime agents were the first to release the video. When questions cropped up of how they got the video and how plausible was it that, such a gruesome massacre can take place near a heavily-fortified military zone, two days later, French Cameroun authorities executed three of the persons said to have been involved in the killing of the young Comfort Tumassang. It was becoming clearer in the eyes of the community and the world that the French Cameroun military was involved in the killing to tarnish the image of British Cameroon restoration forces. To erase any potential witness in the future, the paid accomplices must be eliminated. A genuine army arrests suspects to mine information, especially if the military claimed they were British Cameroon Restoration forces. These three were executed in their sleep.


On the 21 August 2020, the town of Bamenda with French Cameroun colonial military present every 100 meters, saw the most daring bank robbery typical of a Hollywood script. After the successful broad daylight robbery, pro-French Cameroun propaganda bloggers like MKPD (My Kontri People Dem), MINUTES after inside security camera videos emerged was first to name Fonte Lucas Alias Mad dog as the mastermind, even before the subsequent external video that shows the military executing the planned robbery. This naming of Fonte Lucas who was masked according to sources was to allay fears of any suspicion of a military connivance. The Outside Video evidence from security cameras seems to confirm the panic of the French Cameroun colonial military known for looting in the territory. Further investigations indicate that the robbery was masterminded by the military as evident by the car used in the process. The car according to a French Cameroun exiled blogger Bien Tong was from a Police Inspector by name Nkar Valery. With the French Cameroun Colonial military now seen as robbers by the population of the entire British Cameroon territory and the world, and Fonte Lucas alias Mad Dog still alive, there was a need for him to be eliminated. After placing a phone call to him for another bank robbery, the said Fonte was willing to swell his monetary reserve. Since he knew those who were to meet him, he put up no resistance and was shot at close range.

Fonte Lucas Like Gen. Ivo Mbah

The killing of Mr, Fonte mimics the killing also of an Amazonian General Ivo Mbah. Both corpses show no stray bullets but planned assassinations. With the debasing of Human Dignity in British Cameroon, the French Cameroun Colonial soldiers displayed the corpse of their killed accomplice at the Bamenda town center for all to see in order to forget that they were involved in the Bank (Credit Union) robbery. The killing of Fonte, a willing accomplice as usual is their modus operandi to eliminate possible witnesses in the future. If Fonte was an Ambazonian rebel leader (which he was not ) according to the military, why not arrest and use him to get more of the soldiers who have been too tough for their elimination? As usual, the killing was reported by the propaganda website MKPD. Again he tries to deceive the public by claiming the killed Fonte Lucas was putting on the same clothes he had when the military and him robbed the Credit Union. A closer look shows it is a lie. Unconfirmed reports indicate the military deliberately put on the blue shirt on the assassinated Fonte to try to change global opinion of them as robbers in British Cameroon.

Below is the video of the Bank robbery with images of Inspector Valery Nka in broad daylight, in a town where citizens complain daily of French Cameroun military harassment at every turn.

Video of French Cameroun Military-aided Mitayen Credit Union Robbery in Bamenda, NW British Cameroon
Credit Union Robbery Mastermind, Police Inspector Nka Valery
French Cameroun Colonial Security Officer, Nka Valery aiding the Robbery with his Car. He waits in the Car.

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