The month of August will go down as one of the deadliest in the ongoing genocide in British Cameroon. Gruesome pictures erupt from the nooks and crannies of the territory masterminded by Colonial French Cameroun Soldiers, backed by France. Extra-judicial killings top the most brutal acts. From Kumbo, Ikiliwindi to Mautu and Muyuka in Fako County, the French Cameroun soldiers upped their executions. Some were not only blindfolded and shot into rivers, but were picked up, killed and dumped elsewhere. Others were simply killed softly in chains. “My husband excreted and urinated in his pants for four days…..We pleaded with them to unchain Pa, but they refused.” A family member of Mr. Tangem Thomas Nganyu, who died chained to his bed in Yaounde on the 5th of August, 2020 laments. The metal sheet engineer had been arrested in Mile 16, Buea in 2018. The deceased was subjected to inhumane and barbaric treatment in underground prisons. before his death on August 5, 2020.Mr. Tangem , 57, had been sick for over five months, but was allegedly neglected and abandoned in jail, until his last breath when he was rushed to one of French Cameroun’s hollow hospitals. In 2018, Mr. Tangem alongside other prisoners sneaked out a video of their jailed condition in a light less room, with a filthy toilet. The world watch and stayed mute. (Read more here)

Women were not left out of the Atrocity Crimes, as two gruesome executions were done in Bamenda and Muyuka. In both cases, the roles of the French Cameroun military were stamped all over the acts. In Muyuka, a woman was executed close to a French Cameroun military base. Accusations and counter-accusations filled the air of who was responsible for the killing of Miss TumassangComfort. Same was the case of Miss Treasure in Bamenda executed after being seen with military officers.

In Bafut, two DDR tenants were transported more than 20 miles away and shot overnight at a river in Bafut. The bodies were retrieved 4 days later – 8 August, 2020 and buried on the river bank. (Video below). Other extra-judicial killings were recorded in Wum, Kumbo, Ikiliwindi, Bamenda, Muyuka.

In Mbalangi in the Southern Zone of the territory, it was pain and anguish on 1 August, 2020. Family members could be heard wailing and calling the name of their brother slain by the French Cameroun military. “Aboyoyo” was his name. He was one of more than 4 pulled out of their homes and executed by the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers of mummified Paul Biya. (Details with video here)

At least 5 Killed in Mbiame: The French Cameroun colonial Bulubeti Militias continue their genocide in British Cameroon with killings and torching of villages. On 13 July, 2020, they invaded the peaceful village of Mbiame, where innocent civilians were pulled out of their homes and shot. Homes were equally torched. In Kedjum Keku (Big Babanki), a good chunk of houses were equally torched by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers backed by France. (Click details with images here).

15 MASSACRES IN TWO DAYS : In Kumbo on the 24 of July, 2020, in addition to the killings, the innocent civilians were stripped naked. Eye witnesses speak of carnage, bodies mutilated. A source labelled some of the victims as French Cameroun military informants. (Details with images here)

In Nsongwa, on the outskirt of Bamenda, an attempt to obey the confusing colonial military’s order was enough to take life out of an innocent bike rider (Details with Video here)

KILLED FOR $1 : Still in Bamenda, a young enterprising young bike rider in the city was executed for not doling out $1 (500 cfa) as bribe to the French Cameroun colonial military. On this fateful day 5 July, 2020, the 18-year-old, Ndifon Promise Nkuah, was stopped by the French Cameroun coloinal forces at Foncha Street in Bamenda and asked to pay $1(bribe) before carrying out his normal transportation business. When the 18-year-old said he could not afford the money, (Full story with images here).

17 Killed in Ntale, a village in Nguti subdivision, Kupe Muaneneguba County. (Read Details here)

Pastor Executed at Mautu (Details with video here)

MITAYEN PINYIN 14 AUGUST, 2020: This no doubt was one of the most gruesome acts of the genocide in the month. After escaping to the bush from the French Cameroun military, the villagers were fished out like rats in holes. After killing one innocent civilian, his body was dragged for about half a kilometre with repeated gun shots on the corpse. The body was dumped on a pile of other innocent civilians earlier executed by the French Cameroun colonial forces. (Video Below).

Some of the extra-judicial executions were equally reported by the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), based in Buea, British Cameroon.

Ebang Brice: On Saturday 4 July 2020, Ebangi Brice, a native of Bangem was shot at close range and killed by the military. The military killed him for ringing a church bell. They claim he was alerting the local population to escape after they arrived in the village to carry out an operation. He was actually ringing the bell as his normal routine to summon christians for prayer.

 On Friday 20 August 2020, the military, in a search for separatist fighters, invaded Ikiliwindi, a locality in Meme Division of the SWR, and shot dead two unarmed civilians known by their nicknames ‘Pogba’ and ‘Bushfaller.’ Eyewitnesses told CHRDA that the military invaded the locality and people began fleeing into the bush, except for the two men who chose to hide in the house. The army came and arrested them. They presented their identity cards, but the military took them into the bush where they were shot and abandoned

On 13 August, soldiers raided Mautu village on the outskirts of Ekona in Muyuka LGA of the teritory and shot dead seven unarmed civilians. The victims, including an old man and a pregnant woman known as ‘Mami Blessing,’ were shot in their home at close range. Before these killings, the military had raided a local church on the outskirts of Mautu town and shot the church’s pastor and three other boys. The soldiers executed two boys alongside the pastor and shot one as he tried to escape. The soldiers invaded the church because the worshipers share a separatist ideology (More on the pastor’s killing here).

On 13 August 2020, the French Cameroun Colonial soldiers open fire on three children in Tiko, Fako County of British Cameroon, and killed a 17-year-old girl called Bessem Blandine, in Form Two. They shot her in the backyard of her home, as she and two other boys searched for snails. Her neighbour’s son, 14-year-old Elijah, escaped with a bullet wound after he was shot in the hand and was later taken to the hospital. The other boy is 16-year-old Ojong, who ran into the military, was arrested and taken to the army camp.

Military operations in Menchum Division, NWR

On 20 July 2020, the military stormed Modelle Village, in Menchum Valley Sub Division, and attacked the civilian population in reprisal for the death of three soldiers killed by separatist fighters. A witness to the attack told CHRDA that when the forces of law and order arrived Modelle, they burnt down houses and shot three people. Among the victims was Igang Mica, a young man resident in Bamenda, who had arrived in the village that same day for his father’s memorial service and was arrested by the military. An eye witness said he pleaded with the soldiers, offering the sum of CFA 100,000 for them to spare the victim, to no avail. The military later took him in their vehicle to an unknown destination. Igang Mica’s corpse was discovered one week later by a woman on her way to the farm.

Another witness told CHRDA that a man called Mr Kuta Daniel was equally arrested and tortured to death by the military. He was arrested in his compound while clearing his farm and taken to a quarter called Bouzeh, where the soldiers made him drink whiskey. Kuta Daniel rejected the offer, as he didn’t like alcohol and was in pain from the soldiers’ beatings. He was immediately shot dead by the military. After they had killed him, they arrested another young man called Iba, who was on his way to sell goat meat. They ask him to show them where separatist fighters were hiding. He said he did not know, but they took him to the house of General Agha Robinson, a top-ranking military official and killed Iba by stabbing him in the neck. Soldiers were on guard at the General’s compound at the time. (Read More of CHRDA’S OWN REPORT HERE).



Miss Treasure Killed in Bamenda



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