For almost 4 years today, the people of British Cameron (Ambazonia) continue to show the world that the Administration of the territory handed over to French Cameroun has ended. With weekly ghost towns in which the French-appointed officials have no control, the leadership of the territory also reserves the right to assert their authority over the territory any time they want. They have for specific and sometimes security reasons shut down the territory from any French Cameroun administration officials. Starting Monday 14 September, 2020, the leadership of the British Cameroon in the diaspora again flexed its administrative muscle and declared a week long ghost town in the territory’s biggest city Bamenda. This follows what the Communication Secretary of the Territory’s Interim Government based in the USA Mr. Chris Anu calls the overreach of the French Cameroun colonial authorities. The French Cameroun authorities had banned the circulation of bikes in the city, thus rendering hardship on the operators of the sector. Due to the absence of any urban planning and infrastructural development in the territory since 1961, Motor bikes remain the most accessible means of transport in the territory. Mr. Chris Anu says they will continue to show the International Community that French Cameroun has come to the end of its colonial mandate in the British Cameroon corruptly handed to them by the UN in 1961. This assertion is shared by the US Secretary for Africa, Mr. Tibor Nagy recently, ” The people of English Cameroon (Ambazonia) want to control their affairs”. The diplomat affirms in a recent conference. The weeklong ghost town follows a similar tw0-day one earlier declared by another faction of the territory’s liberation movements.

During the Week long ghost town which was in solidarity with the Bike Riders, even the colonial authorities that continue to pretend they still have control over the territory were no where to be found. The streets were completely deserted, shops and colonial government offices grounded as well. The bike riders in the city are frequent target of the French Cameroun Colonial military through extortions and executions. Last July, 2020, a young bike rider, Ndifon Promise Nkuah , who could not afford a bribe of $1 (500 cfa) was killed by the officer demanding the bribe. (Read his story here). With defeat visible everywhere for the French Cameroun Colonial authorities, they have resorted to killing and torching of civilian villages as a way to subdue the unbending citizens of the territory.


” The go kill to the last man, but we hate them” A relative narrates of two of her family members executed by the French Cameroun Colonial authorities on 15 September, 2020. Mr. Obang was removed from his home in the neighborhood of Ngongham in Bamenda and later shot and abandoned elsewhere. He was an electrician by profession. His younger brother was later picked up, molested and taken away only to be found executed by the French Cameroun soldiers. The frail father from Bafut, could not stand the pain. Still in Bafut on 20 September, 2020, the French Cameroun soldiers killed two innocent civilians, after searching in vain for British Cameroon Restoration forces said to be in the area. The two innocent villagers killed were one Ogum Valentine and Abok. They were simply minding their businesses, but fit not to live as any French Cameroun soldier decides when any British Cameroon can live or die.


Southern Cameroons became a self-governing trust territory in 1954 under a democratically-elected government led by Dr. EML Endeley. With a genuine democratic and constitutional evolution, in 1957 Southern Cameroons was granted a House of Chiefs, thus like Britain, Southern Cameroon operated a bicameral legislative system. In 1959 through free and fair general elections, Premier Endeley-led Cameroon People’s National Convention (CPNC) government was defeated and he peacefully handed over to the winner, J.N. Foncha of the Kamerun National Democratic Party(KNDP). This was followed by the adoption of a new constitution – Constitution (Order) in Council 1960, which was meant to lead Southern Cameroons to independence. However, through international colonial conspiracy, instead of granting complete independence in conformity with Art. 76(b) of UN Charter and UN Resolution 1514 of 1960, the colonial powers misled the UN to impose “independence by joining” either Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun. In addition to imposing this, the UN was led to adopt two obnoxious questions that denied Southern Cameroons their inalienable right to self-determination and sovereign independence. By this colonial manipulation, effective and genuine decolonization in Southern Cameroon was postponed. The mission of all Southern Cameroonians right now is RIGHT THE WRONGS OF YESTERDAY – restore Southern Cameroonians to the dignity, their natural rights as the legitimate owners and masters of the Southern Cameroon territory, masters of their destiny by peacefully leading Southern Cameroons to take her deserved seat within the comity of sovereign nations. (FOR MORE ON THE HISTORY, CLICK HERE)

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