22 September, 2017: THE DAY THE WORLD VISAED BIYA’S GENOCIDE IN BRITISH CAMEROON (+122 Killed, 150 Missing and around 2000 Deliberately Maimed. IMAGES AND VIDEOS

Their chant in addition to “Let my people go” was “No Violence”. However, as inferior humans or dogs as the French colonial governor, Okalia Bilai calls them, the Police, French para-military – Gerdames, Biya’s personal military – the BIR, undercover officers and regular armies unloaded their magazines on the innocent civilians. The results were chilling. Many were killed indiscriminately. “I will see how you go march again” A victim in Kumbo narrates what a French Cameroun military said to him before shattering his legs  Amongst the wounded was 12-year-old Eileen, whose eye was oozed out by one of the French Cameroun Colonial military backed by France. Read full details with images here.

Deliberately Maimed in her father’s house in Kumbo

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