In addition to the killings and chasing of civilians out of their homes in Pinyin village, the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers of mummified Paul Biya, backed by France continue the Atrocity crimes on British Cameroonians. The first gruesome images came in from Kumbo, on the 24 of July, 2020, where in addition to the killings, the innocent civilians were stripped naked. Eye witnesses speak of carnage, bodies mutilated. A source labelled some of the victims as French Cameroun militia informants. In Nsongwa, on the outskirt of Bamenda, an attempt to obey the colonial military’s order was enough to take life out of an innocent bike rider. His surviving co-passenger was whisked off by the colonial soldiers who continue to rape, loot, kill and burn villages in the territory. The corpse is expected to be dumped in a neutral location by these arrogant colonial military. More than 400 villages have been torched by the French Cameroun colonial soldiers (for details click here). More than 21,000 civilians have been killed also (Details here). The world watches on in a conflict whose origin is clear-cut, and whose architects such as the Queen of England are still alive. For more on the origin of the conflict, click here The world can’t continue to watch as Atrocity Crimes continue to be perpetuated daily in a conflict whose resolution is squarely on the laps of the UNO and Great Britiain.

Videos of Fresh killings of British Cameroonians by French Cameroun Bulubeti Soldiers backed by France.

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