The gross error that the BBC and VOA have done to Cameroun is to allow state propaganda to be spilled on their network as news. This is due to the ignorance of some Western press organs that confuse state versus public media. While the public media in the West is a people-funded organ that strives for neutrality/objectivity in its reporting and is not controlled by corporate interest as they accept no commercials, the setup is often confused with the state media in most third world countries. No journalist who works for these state media and equally doubles as a foreign correspondent for reputable stations like BBC, VOA etc can be objective or neutral in reporting issues about the same government who pays his bills at the end of the day. It might prevail in other African countries but not in Cameroun where journalists are in jail for doing their job. Others like Wazizi have been executed for reflecting just .01% of that society.

BBC Presenter Audrey Brown

One of These state propagandist who disguises as an independent journalists for the BBC, was in full display of this loyalty on 16 July, 2020, when the veteran journalist Audrey Brown, interviewed him about recent news of kidnappings in British Cameroon. The journalist – Kilian Ngalla must have forgotten that he was answering questions from a BBC journalist who has been in conflicts and is quite abreast with situations like what is prevailing in British Southern Cameroon. For the records, Audrey Brown, reported through apartheid in South Africa. Killian no doubt saw it as an opportunity to internationalize the state media’s lies and propaganda about the genocide in British Cameroon. From every indication, he never did his homework.

SOURCES: As a journalist whose colleagues have been killed and others in maximum prisons for mirroring the British Cameroon conflict, Mr. Killian had just one source – the French Cameroun appointed administrator, whose missions in the English zones is to propagate government lies. These are the same administrators who denied the Ngarbuh Massacre, the shooting of a baby on the back of the mother, the denial of military looting, burning and killings in the genocide in British Southern Cameroons. He cites this lone source for almost half of the conversation until the witty Audrey, who has done her home work interjected, “

Ngala Killian

Audrey demanded to know if the kidnapper was a certain Field Marshal. Instead of saying NO, which was the right answer, Mr. Killian in line with government bread and sardine propaganda never answered. He goes on to say the separatists survive on kidnappings. Which was wrong. Ayeke is a renege soldier from the squad of Field Marshal, who has never been attributed to kidnappings or disorder in the defense of the people of his area. As an independent journalist, Killian would have been honest to tell Audrey that, government has its own sponsored militias specialize in kidnappings and killings to tarnish the image of the fighters of the Ambazonian war of independence. The open case of French Cameroun-backed militia-atrocity crimes is Ngarbuh, where more than 13 children were amongst 37 killed by the government-backed militias (Read Details here). Recent kidnappings by the Cameroun government include, the sister of one of the Ambazonian Generals – Field Marshal. Recently again, the military kidnapped the 7-year and 17-year-old daughters of General Alhadji. Who kidnaps a seven-year-old as a means to get his father? What about the psychological toll on the innocent child? Killian LIED again that the Ambazonian soldier survive through kidnappings. This selective amnesia avoided the WAR DRAFT that as of today, has raised almost $2M to finance the war. He refuses to echo the population crying about French Cameroun military brutality, looting, forced arrest/kidnappings where a freedom bond ranges from $50 – 400$. Recently citizens have dreaded the bullets to vent their anger to the few remaining colonial officers about the kidnappings and extortion by these French Cameroun bulubeti militias.

Innocent British Cameronians Dreaded the bullets to tell the world about the kidnappings and looting by French Cameroun Soldiers. (They broke doors and beat even old mothers for money, she says. When we see them we run instead…)

Also Click here to see the French Cameroun military looting of shops of poor citizens in Mankon.

The same administrators of Killian Lying about Ngarbuh, before accepting later after global pressure

Another Great Lie by Mr. Kilian

He claims his source told him that the region has been the final hiding place for “separatist fighters” due to government closing in on them. This was another LIE! LIE! LIE! PANTS ON FIRE. As a supposedly independent journalist, kilian would have been honest to tell the world that the administrator he is speaking to doesn’t reside in Lebialem due to the conflict. He wobbles in his disjointed cacophony to even confess that Lebialem is a hot place for government soldiers. If the fight is so intense in the area, it is just common sense that the administrator is living elsewhere. Kilian’s lie is buttressed by this recent video from Bafut, hundreds of kilometres away from Lebialem and in the North West, area of the territory where Kilian says Ambazonian soldiers have been chased away. Here, an attempt to install a French Cameroun-appointed administrator flopped as the “separatists” supposed to be hiding in Lebialem sent the administrator parking after the forced installation. BOTTOM LINE: NO SEPARATIST FIGHTERS ARE RUNNING TO SEEK REFUGE IN LEBIALEM.

French Cameroun Administrator taking cover from Ambazonia Soldiers in Bafut


The interview went south when the interviewee wanders in his own illusion, when the interviewer wanted to know more about the ages of the kidnapped. This BBC journalist, former graduate of the state propaganda media, jumped into the surmises that is a regular stable of the Cameroun state media.

He claims that the young boys kidnapped will be converted into “separatist” combatants. He claims without evidence that without ransom, the boys might be killed as well. After spilling government’s propaganda on the BBC, when presented with the facts that people were drinking when the kidnappings took place, the Cameroun state propagandist now involved an ambiguous source on the ground. He quickly pivots again when the journalist punted his assertion of 60 kids being kidnapped without having assembled at a single location like a school. “you have children who are not going to school. There is light discipline in these children. The likelihood of alcoholism….” blah! blah! blah! “…. abortion…” blah! blah! blah!..


Mr. Killian filed his report at the comfort of his office in Yaounde, thousands of Miles away from the area. This is by no means dismissing the fact that children were kidnapped, but the number that the source gave was inaccurate, reason why even Audrey Brown could not wrap her head around it. The area is not a city, but a village with isolated houses. To assemble only children from individual homes will entail enormous time. where was the administrator? He later on claim he spoke to sources, when there was no one reference to the family of the victims, no opinion leader like the priest etc. Had he spoken to any source in Lebialem, he would have known with accuracy the ages of the kidnapped. Mr. Kilian is the home-based journalist who is supposed to provide accurate facts about this conflict that has claimed more than 20,000 lives, yet he continues to feed the world with 3000 deaths. A number that is very pleasing to the government, hence the continuous killing and destruction. Bottom line, It was a travesty of journalism, smack of the BBC.

Below is the Dismal Interview.

Below are some of the images of the more than 250 Innocent British Camronians Killed in June 2020

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