The abuses by FrenCH Cameroun soldiers on the citizens of British Southern Cameroon will go down in history as the greatest Crimes Against humanity in the digital era. The sad thing is the inaction by the global community on these crimes that are well-documented. Innocent breastfeeding women have been raped in broad daylight, and yet religious and human rights organizations continue to maintain silence. In their “Operation Clean Bamenda“, the French Cameroun bulubeti militias of mummified Paul Biya wrecked physical and psychological havoc on the peace-loving population of Bamenda. The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa ( CHRDA), based in the Buea documents that “On Sunday 13 September, 2020, military officers targeted Ntumazah Hill and K-Place all situated in Ntarinkon to carry out searches. In one of the houses, three soldiers entered and raped a 23-year-old girl, who is a mother of 2 children. Her last child is 1 year, 6 months old.

U.S. Army Africa with Former U.S Ambassador to Cameroun, Henry Balerin Providing Training to the Rapist French Cameroun Military. More here

The survivor narrates that at about 15:00 on Sunday 13 September, 2020, she was at home with her aunt and her two children. In her own words: “We heard a heavy knock on our door. It was so hard and because I was carrying my 1-year 6-month old child, I delayed to open. They threatened to break open the door if I didn’t open in 1 minute. When I reached for the door, I saw 3 soldiers wearing brown and dotted uniforms and with guns. One of them asked me to keep the child I was carrying and step outside. All this happened while my aunt and other child were inside the room. When I stepped out as commanded, one soldier went into the siting room. I don’t know what he did in the house but when he came out with his colleagues still outside, he asked me to follow him to the back of the house. While there, he asked me in French to choose between him sleeping with me or killing me, I don’t understand French, so he was mixing words in Pidgin.”

The survivor further narrates all attempts by her to beg the soldier not to rape her proved futile as he lifted her gown and forcefully raped her and while she screamed for help and in pains, he threatened to strangle her to death. When she was screaming, the other two soldiers in front of the house responded with sporadic gun firing in the air so as to distract people from getting her loud cry and to come for her rescue. When this was happening, they spotted two boys coming from the other side of the house so they abandoned me and chased after those boys.

“When they left, my aunt, who had been inside the house and heard everything that was happening but had been afraid to come out for fear of being shot, as well as our neighbour, came to see me, only to discover that I had been raped. After this incident, we went immediately to the Quarter-Head’s compound and reported the incident. He called Doctors Without Borders and they came and took us to St. Mary hospital. While at the hospital, the Quarter-Head reported the incident at the Brigade Ter (Colonial security office) Ntarinkon, and I was later summoned by the Commander for interrogation. At about 18:00 the Commander sent us to the police station to meet the commissioner in charge of the soldiers who were searching houses around Ntarikon, and as we got there, we met a police commissioner who told us it was already late and that my aunt and I should come back the next day. On Monday 14 September, when we got up to go as invited by the doctor, I had my bath before leaving the house. This was because I hadn’t had any bath since the incident happened, and when we got to the police station, the commissioner said he cannot help me again because I have taken a bath and so there was no big evidence again. When he said this, he asked us to go back and speak to the commander who sent us to him, and that he would give us CFA 15,000 ($30).

Medical Report of the Rape

As recounted by the survivor and corroborated by her aunt, from Brigade Ter at Ntarikon, they were sent to meet the director of the Bamenda General Hospital. At the hospital, they were received by Dr Denis Nsame N, who carried out several tests on her. “From the hospital until we were sent home, they have been taking me from one place to another but I don’t know what they were saying. The Commissioner at Brigade Ter asked me to identify the perpetrator but the other one in charge of soldiers refused.” The young girl fears her life will be at risk as it involves military officers yet she seeks for justice”. (Read details of CHRDA’s reports here)


Rape as a Weapon has been deployed by French Cameroun soldiers since the start of the genocide in 2016. Hundreds of innocent women have been raped, others raped and killed by the French Cameroun soldiers. In 2018, a breastfeeding 17-year-old was raped in broad daylight by French Cameroun soldiers by the roadside in Bamenda. Click here to watch the video

woman in her 6os gang-raped as well, by the French Cameroun Soldiers. She looks shaken on her hospital bed, after she was taken away and gang-raped by French Cameroun Bukubeti militias on a scorched-earth policy in Bafut, North West British Cameroon. The mother in her sixties said she bled profusely after the rape on 3 April, 2020. She says she lost a sizable amount of blood and was only taken to the poorly-equipped hospital in the area the next day.  Read her story here

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