Shattered skulls, perforated eyes, mangled bodies, hollow necks and stomachs from the French Cameroun military bullets. Leaking milk from shattered breasts of breastfeeding mothers. The penetrations and chasms depict the closeness of the weaponry. Sounds like a natural disaster, but NO. It is man-made, masterminded by France and the UN. With no forensics, dismembered faces and the dug-up bodies buried in mass graves by these French Cameroun soldiers mean the families will live with the trauma forever. They are mostly young men and women, massacred because they are English-speaking by French Cameroun soldiers backed by France prior to the sham indirect election of 6 December, 2020 in the occupied territory of British Southern Cameroon. It was a farce electoral process that Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, of the National Democratic Institute calls a SELECTION as loyalist of Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator – mummified Paul Biya are carefully chosen and imposed on the people, who have said NO to anything from French Cameroun and France. These massacres and extra-judicial killings have been going on since 2016. Some are carefully executed on eves of such elections to instill fear in the people, who have rejected French Cameroun in all shapes, forms and manners.

GLOBAL LIP SERVICE: Lip service has enabled this genocide in the face of the world in an era where information is supposed to be king; where alert systems have predicted earth quakes, tornadoes and Tsunamis from killing millions. In the case of the English-speaking people of British Cameroon, the world has stood mute, even with the abundance of daily images and videos of the daily massacres put on their table, thanks to social media. Powerful global leaders from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, U.S President Donald Trump, former President Obama, British PM Theresa May to Boris Johnson, Russian President Vladimir Putin to even Rwandan Genocide savior Paul Kagame have received calls and images to help end this genocide. None has acted. Baffling is Paul Kagame, whose genocide he commemorates every year. The Former U.S Ambassador to Cameroun Henry Balerin since 2018 described it as “Targeted Killing of the minority English-speaking people, by Africa’s most brutal dictator Paul Biya. Dr. Gregory Stanton, the best mind on genocide of Genocide Watch has stated categorically that what is happening in British Cameroon is GENOCIDE. He is no push over. He was the sole voice in the Clinton State Department to state emphatically that what was happening in Rwanda in 1994 was Genocide. The Norwegian Refugee Council calls it, the most neglected conflict in the world. An estimated 23,000 people have been killed with millions displaced internally and externally. Foreign recently analyzed the situation of how the French Cameroun regime, backed by France continues to deceive the world and receiving aid in the guise of fighting Boko Haram, meanwhile all is pumped into the English-speaking zones, to ethnically cleanse the resistance to colonization. How much alert can the world still claim they did not get as they claimed in 1994?


Never in the history of the world has a conflict with solutions available and the architects of that conflict still alive like the Queen of England, be allowed to claim so much souls. The genocide is the UN failed decolonization in which as stipulated by the UN-Trusteeship Council, all the Trust Territories were to be prepared for full independence. The British as usual set up this genocide of its own Trust Territories by violating the Trusteeship Mandate and attaching her own territories to completely new and culturally different systems. Somaliland is another example. Eritrea lost blood to free herself from Ethiopia. Thousands have died in British Cameroon for the same reason that Eritreans died for – The desire to maintain its cultural uniqueness. British Southern Cameroon was Black Africa’s first Democracy, organizing peaceful transfer of power in the 50s, before being forced into a Union with an independent French Cameroun in 1961 as two equals. This has not worked thus the genocide today, because the once autonomous thriving Anglo-Saxon country finds itself absorbed into a larger French culture engineered by France in a policy of forced assimilation and recolonization. One would have thought that, the UN and especially the UK government would have learnt from the bitter conflict pitting Eritrea vs Ethiopia, Somaliland vs Somalia but NO. The UK’s economic interest – British Cameroon’s offshore oil wells are more important than the right to life of the citizens of the territory. She has stood by and pumping in more money to the genocidal French Cameroun colonial regime to annihilate her way to safeguarding these oil deposits. (click here for evidence). The Trump Administration ended trade privilege under AGOA for French Cameroun citing questionable human rights records, but the other European ALLIES stayed mute begging the question of “how many human rights standards are there in the world?”

Amb. Greenfield you have a unique opportunity to challenge these western allies who disregard human rights of black people for their economic interest. Don’t allow we are DEEPLY CONCERNED be your solution to genocide and other abuses. Don’t allow the other members of the UN Security Council to allow this genocide and rampant killings in Africa go unattended under the lobbyist mantra of “the region shall be plunged into chaos”. These terms are used only in Black Africa, because they believe, we blacks are savages, hence the words , “shithole”. Yugoslavia never plunged Europe into chaos after it broke up. While the UK – the mastermind of the genocide is busy pulling out of Europe and giving Scotland a choice to stay or quit the UK, she is pretending and allowing genocide to persist in Africa, when the history of British Cameroon is clear that they were forced against their will. Why not their own vote to stop the genocide? Black Africa is waiting to see what policy you will pursue to end this European and Chinese exploitation of the continent of our origin and pride. A continent whose riches and values are exploited by those who call us “shithole”. Color alone is not enough to allay the fears of Africans, after all many black Americans have and still lobbying for African dictators who violate all human rights of their citizens, rig elections, while the people perish daily, to stay and safeguard western interest. Yes America is back with a black woman at the head of an organization that condones abuses by its permanent members. An organization that has outlived its basic principles. We are waiting Amb. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, to hold these European colonialist/neo-colonialist to end the rape of mother Africa. This genocide is staring you in the face, let the Europeans apply the same rules like in Brexit, Scotxit, Yugoslavia etc. THESE BLACK LIVES SHOULD TRULY MATTER


Amb. Linda Thomas-Greenfield: The Hope of Black Africa?

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