The two brothers were kidnapped by the French Cameroun soldiers as they went about their activities in the village of Mbiame, Northern part of British Southern Cameroon. As the villagers got up on 13 December, 2020, the bodies of the two brothers had been killed and dumped in a bush for the family pain. Adamou Taf and his brother, Mumini were local business operators. Extra-judicial killings is the new normal in British Southern Cameroon. The lives of the people depend on the colonial French Cameroun soldiers and authorities, who reserve the right to kill, maim, rape, molest and burn homes and villages of any person they wish.

Still on the 13 December, 2020, in Bamenda, another innocent civilian was killed and dumped in a pond in the Foncha Street neighborhood, by the same French Cameroun soldiers.Emmanuel Akenji picked was picked up by French Cameroun terrorists military three days earlier. Since the start of the genocide in 2016, more than 23000 have been killed by these soldiers that are now being called occupying forces. Citizens of the once autonomous territory continue to call on the UN and Great Britain to correct the errors they made in 1961, by attaching the territory to French Cameroun in violation of the Trusteeship Council stipulations, which was to prepare the Trust Territories to self-rule. Of late, the extra-judicial killings by the French Cameroun Soldiers which run afoul international law has been astounding. Recently, two other innocent civilians were executed by the soldiers after displaying them alive on camera, in the county of Lebialem (click here for details).

Captured and killed by French Cameroun Soldiers in Lebialem.

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