She had earlier left her business in Bambui after French Cameroun Colonial soldiers tortured his deaf son, Chenwi. The French Cameroun colonial officers claim he was pretending that he was a handicap. Chenwi was born deaf. He was left with broken arms and ribs. In order to save his life, Mrs. Janet Lum, temporarily re-located to Yaunde. After consistent deception that normalcy has returned to Bamenda, Mangie Lum Janet returned and since she had lost everything including her home, a good Samaritan provided shelter for her at Mile 5, Nkwen, Bamenda.

On 18 December, 2020, French Cameroun Colonial Officers stormed her borrowed home and kidnapped her to their station, where she has been undergoing torture. Family members say she is being accused of knowing a certain Alhadji whom they say is married to her younger sister. A bogus claim as the said dead Alhaji whom French Cameroun authorities had claimed they deleted of late had fathered a child with Janet’s younger sister more than 27 years ago. The said Alhadji family members say fathered a child and abandoned to the family. “He never supported us for these years, only for our sister to be beaten and locked up for something that happened before this crisis”, a weeping family member narrates. To up the cash demand from the family, the French Cameroun Colonial soldiers also claim she prepares food for Ambazonian Restoration forces and take to them in the bushes. A fat lie one family member describes. After continuous torture all night breaking 19 December,2020, the said French Cameroun soldiers are now demanding for a bribe of 2 million cfa ($4000) for her temporal freedom. Please help save Mangie Lum Janet’s Life. Send to the Presbyterian Churnch Authorities in the territory as she is a strong member.

Deaf Chenwi, Tortured and forced to speak (Details later)

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