Come to think of the silent pain and frustration he went through. Pause for a moment to ask yourself, if you were in his shoe, what would you have thought as you saw their lips moving as the whip keep descending on you like a lazy donkey. Think of the agony of his arm being shattered as the French Cameroun soldiers smashed and kicked him. Some intentionally and repeatedly jumped on his arms threatening him in the colonial French Cameroun language, “tu dois parler, pretendant” (you must speak pretender). That was the fate of deaf Chenwi, in Bambui, British Southern Cameroon. Those who live in the area know him so well, that he has been deaf since birth. When the French Cameroun Colonial bulubeti militias kidnapped the good-looking handicap, as usual they started beating him asking him to talk. As he remained mute, they increased their beating intensity claiming he was pretending.

Deaf Chenwi with Broken arm.

At their colonial barracks, their miracle to make him confess, that he was a pretender through torture did not work out. Even after fracturing his arm and ribs, with their torture-healing miracle, the deaf Chenwi could not still speak, but moan and moan at the pain. Exhausted of their action, Chenwi was later abandoned for the family to incur medical expenses. As this torture on her son was not enough, the mother Mangie Janet was on the 18 December, 2020 picked up at her refugee home in Nkwen, Bamenda and well-tortured claiming her younger sister had a female child with one “dead” Ambazonia Restoration Force member 27 years ago. It should be remembered that Mummified Paul Biya declared the civil war in late 2017. Read her story here. The conflict which has now killed more than 23,000 has seen innocent handicaps killed as the French Cameroun Soldiers continue their ethnic cleansing of the minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons. For more on the killings, click here.

One of the handicaps Killed by French Cameroun Soldiers for being English-speaking

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