“They didn’t mince their words, after overnight torture in which my hands were tied to my feet. They told me that they will go shoot me and dump where they dump others at Akum, and nothing will happen.” Lum Janet narrates her ordeal in the hands of the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias after they stormed her refugee home at Mile 5 Nkwen, Bamenda, British Cameroon on 17 December, 2020 and kidnapped her. Her crime was that her younger sister has a child with a “dead” Ambazonia soldier about 27 years ago. The civil War turn genocide in British Cameroon began in 2016. “The only time I was given breathing space was when they will untie me to go use the restroom. They beat me with machetes, iron rods and belts.” The bedridden woman narrates. “They had taken me to go and kill and dump as they do others, when half way a phone call came from someone. They turn around and I could hear them saying that they have not beaten me. You can see my body. My hand here is shattered, you can feel and here the noise of the cracking bones” The traumatized lady explains. They later accused me of cooking food for Amazonia soldiers. “I told them that I know no soldiers and that I was homeless and begging this home, but they say I was lying.” She weeps through her pains. “If the woman who told us is brought here to testify know that, you will be finished” The French Cameroun soldiers bullied “as they hit me with the cutlasses etc.” She was finally let go after coughing out $1000 (500,000) as freedom bond.

Lum Janet’s story captures the reason the people of British Southern Cameroon rose as one man in 2016 to demand a return to their status of union in 1961 as two equal states and systems. The English system of justice – Common Law presumes a person innocent until proven guilty, but in the French/Napoleonic or Civil Law system you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Still battling with her pain, Lum Janet says her life is definitely in danger, but she is just telling the truth of her pain. His deaf son had earlier been beaten too with a fractured hand by the French Cameroun Soldiers claiming he was an Ambazonian soldier and pretending. Read his story here.

“Article 5 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Signatories of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Additional Protocols I and II of 8 June 1977 officially agree not to torture captured persons in armed conflicts, whether international or internal. Torture is also prohibited for the signatories of the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which has 163 state parties.” The UN and Guterres don’t care whether French Cameroun violates these international agreements or not. Below is the chilling video of the evidence of her torture, even though denied by the French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers.

Lum Janet showing the extent of the torture by French Cameroun Soldiers

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