The biggest human massacres happened in Bafut, of the Northern part of the territory. In total about 75 innocent civilians including breastfeeding mothers were killed by French Cameroun Bulubeti militias under mummified Paul Biya, backed by France. A reporter describe the carnage thus: “Shattered skulls, perforated eyes, mangled bodies, hollow necks and stomachs from the French Cameroun military bullets. Leaking milk from shattered breasts of breastfeeding mothers. The penetrations and chasms depict the closeness of the weaponry. Sounds like a natural disaster, but NO. It is man-made, masterminded by France and the UN.” details here. In Mbiame, still in the northern part of the territory, two brothers arrested were killed and dumped. The two brothers were kidnapped by the French Cameroun soldiers as they went about their activities in the village of Mbiame, Northern part of British Southern Cameroon. As the villagers got up on 13 December, 2020, the bodies of the two brothers had been killed and dumped in a bush for the family pain. Adamou Taf and his brother, Mumini….Details here. In Ekondo Titi, French Cameroun’s window-dressing Prime Minister, not only were the soldiers on a killing spree, they also torched village houses. The most gruesome acts which smacks of international law was the execution of two innocent civilians in a hospital in Bambui, on 26 December, 2020. Lum Janet cheated death when she was kidnapped by the French Cameroun soldiers at her residence in Nkwen on 17 December, 2020. Her crime was that her younger sister had fathered a child with a dead Ambazonia soldier. She was tortured and minutes to be executed, when someone from somewhere saved her life with a phone call. read her chilling story here. In Akwaya , seven innocent Kids were executed by French Cameroun soldiers as they came back for food after being deliberately abandoned by the UN Refugee Agency. An eye witness reports: On the morning of Thursday, November 26, 2020, seven innocent young boys were on their way to the village of Ehembado, carrying on their heads jute bags containing cocoa beans for some traders. At the outskirts of Mavas, they fell into a military ambush.  Many believe this targeting of refugees is engineered by French Cameroun in order to coerce their return to their villages most of which have been burnt by French Cameroun authorities and soldiers.

Below are some of the images and stories of the killed. Details in our next publication

Some images of November Killings (Double click for location and date)

Some December 2020 Killings

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