The latest killing in the village of Tiben in Batibo Local government further shows not only how sanguinary this French Cameroun appointed governor is, but how much his genocidal killings since 2016 have been encouraged with no sanctions. He presided over the gruesome Ngarbuh massacre and still have the audacity to go condole with the grieving mothers. He has killed, burnt, buried in mass graves of countless women and children in Anglophone Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia). For four years, the world has watched with lip services. The latest is in the locality of Tiben in Batibo on 11 February, 2021. Governor Lele Afrique’s commanded soldiers not only burnt villages, but deliberately set a baby on fire as they retreat (video below). The world watches in silence. More than 24000 have been killed since 2016. The crisis started as a mere demand for a return to the article of union between these two UN-mandated territories of English-speaking Cameroon and French-speaking Cameroon in 1961. The majority French-speaking population embarked on deliberate killing and burning of the entire territory. For details of some of the killings, click here.

Father pulls the charred body of his child burnt alive by French Cameroun soldiers in Batibo Anglophone Cameroon.

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