He refused to be silent Mallam after his people were massacred in the most gruesome manner. Mallam Danjuma of Ngarbuh, provided the details of the French Cameroun military executions of children and women on 14 February, 2020. His details were vital in aiding organizations like Human Rights Watch to assemble the details to confirm that French Cameroun Soldiers committeed the massacre. This audacity caused his disappearance till date. The French Cameroun colonial authorities initially denied the massacre, but the indelible evidence backed by eye witnesses forced them to sheepishly accepted being the executioner in-chief. Sources say the pressure brought to bear on the lying regime of mummified Biya, causing him to acknowledge one of the few massacres angered the administration. Mallam Danjuma was thus to pay the price. Till date since he was arrested days after the Ngarbuh massacre by the French Cameroun colonial government, he has not been seen or heard. The organizations he helped provide details about the gruesome massacre like Human Rights Watch have failed to provide closure to the traumatized family. Sources in the Kumbo alleged he was killed and dumped in a bush far off from the presence of anyone. Mallam Danjuma joins the list of thousands killed and buried or dumped in bushes in the ongoing genocide in Anglophone Cameroon by the French Cameroun authorities. Since the crisis began in 2016, more than 24000 people have been killed. To ascertain the true estimate, a true and an impartial fact-finding mission to the territory. People like Danjuma, are scared for their lives to talk to anybody or organization without safety guarantee before and after any interview.

Mallam Danjuma of Ngarbuh, not seen since February 2020 after being arrested by French Cameroun soldiers for speaking to human rights organization

Some Victims of the Ngarbuh Massacre

Mass Burial of Ngarbuh massacre victims

For details on the Ngarbuh Massacre, Click here

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