At her confirmation hearing last month, Biden’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Nominee Avril Haines, was categorical: “Waterboarding Is Torture….. unlawful both in the national and international perspective and should not be used.” (Watch her video here). Foreign Policy magazine reminds the west in November 2020 thus: “Paul Biya’s regime is ignoring the battle against Boko Haram and the Islamic State and using foreign counterterrorism assistance to fund its brutal repression of citizens with legitimate grievances.”

This is not the first time US-related assistance to Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator mummified Paul Biya is being used to commit crimes against humanity. Between 2013 – 2017, the same French Cameroun military engaged in serious torture and abuses in Northern Cameroon at a base used by US military to help and to train French Cameroun soldiers. Victims told Amnesty International that the Americans could hear them crying and did nothing. The same inaction of today was seen on the part of the Obama-Biden Administration. Amnesty sums up some of the torture tactics thus: “

“In a common suspension technique known as ‘the swing’, the victim’s arms and legs are again tied behind his back, before he is lifted and suspended on a bar fitted between two poles … and further beaten,” Amnesty said. Other torture documented included being tied standing up in stress positions for 24 hours, being subject to simulated drowning, being deprived of food, forced to drink urine, given electric shocks and burned.”

From Obama and now Biden, Lip Service can’t stop a GENOCIDE

With no action taken by successive US governments to reign in dictator Biya who benefits from military help from the US, the abuses have continued unabated. The Trump administration scaled down military aid to the country and even suspended French Cameroun from privileges under the AGOA trading arrangement. With the impunity continuing on the minority anglophones, the Trump action has proven to be a mere window dressing, thanks to backing from US ally – France. in a recent resolution calling for the end of the conflict, the US Senate urged France to take action to end the conflict. They accuse the colonial French authorities as being interested only in resources. Despite the talking since 2016, no action has been taken by the US government to end the brutality in which former state department staff Dr. Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch has called a pure GENOCIDE. The mere minimum of the The Leahy Laws or Leahy amendments (that prohibit the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense from providing military assistance to foreign security force units that violate human rights with impunity) is still to even threaten Biya with any sanctions despite the abundant documented abuses

The videos below summarize the gradual extinction of the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon (Ambazonia) forced against their will into a union with French Cameroun in 1961. In the two videos attached (which is just a tip of the daily abuses), the innocent victims are waterboarded, tortured and killed. The killers are heard saying that their brother is part of the anglophone self-defense forces in the territory. The gruesome incident was recorded in the village of Ndu, on the 12 February, 2021. Some of The soldiers are trained by the US.

An innocent Anglophone man being waterboarded, tortured and killed by French Cameroun soldiers in Ndu, Anglophone Cameroon.
Another Anglophone tortured and killed by the same French Cameroun soldiers.

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