After quenching their thirst with water, they turned around and beheaded him. Awa Pius was a handicap and could not run away that morning when the French Cameroun soldiers entered his village. The head like a pig’s in the book Lord of the Flies, was displayed on a pole by the road side as a symbol of their cruelty. The weeping by the family beneath the hanging head epitomizes the trauma. From there, the soldiers headed to the next block and raped a 64-year-old granny.

Video of Awah Pius’s Execution by French Cameroun Soldiers

 “I bled profusely as the soldiers took rounds on me.” The poor old mother narrates after she was transported to a bare health center the next day by a sympathizer. (Watch her painful video here). When they finally retreated, more than seventeen homes were torched and more than 22 innocent people killed. Awah Pius’ killing is the daily staple of life in English-Cameroon. His killing was not new to us, but it happened at the time that George Floyd, was brutally murdered in Minneapolis igniting a global movement to remind the world that “Black Lives Matter.” In fact the day Mr. Floyd was murdered (25 May, 2020) marked exactly 2 years that the first massacre of at least 27 innocent teens started in English Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon aka Ambazonia) in the village of Santa. Other known massacres include the execution of about 37 villagers including 13 children and pregnant women in the Village of Ngarbuh on 14 February, 2020. Till date, more than 23,000 have been killed with millions displaced internally and externally.

Children and pregnant women massacred by French Cameroun Soldiers backed by France in Ngarbuh, British Cameroon


The Norwegian Refugee Council has twice in a roll calls it the most neglected conflict in the world, as daily on camera executions like ISIS persists.  The former US Ambassador to Cameroun Peter Henry Balerin in 2018 fell short of calling it genocide (We know why) by terming it “Targeted Killing” of Anglophones (Watch his declaration here.) Leading global genocide expert and researcher – founder of  Genocide Watch, Dr. Gregory Stanton, categorically describes what is happening to the minority English-speaking people as a genocide. Dr. Stanton, is no minion to genocide. He remains the lone staff at the Clinton State Department to call what was happening in Rwanda in 1994  genocide. He was despised, but paradoxically, was later honored with the Foreign Service Association’s W. Averell Harriman Award for Exemplary bravery on his dissent from U.S. policy in relation to the Rwandan Genocide.


In addition to social media deliveries of these daily Atrocity Crimes to the world, personal mail have been sent to former President Trump and wife, VP Pence and wife and prominent senators like Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton. Attempts also to get the Black Community in America to care for these black lives with personal letters to all the Senior members of the Congressional Black Caucus and even a call in on Al Sharpton’s radio show have been made. No action till date as the wasting of these black lives persist. Rep. Karen Bass is versed with the killings. In addition to daily social media delivery to her, she has personally visited French Cameroun, with nothing to show for as the daily killings with on camera  executions especially by the French Cameroun soldiers have continued uninterrupted. Even Rep Ilhan Omar, who prides herself as having lived in a refugee camp in Kenya is insensitive to the thousands of Refugees in neglected refugee camps in Nigeria and Ghana. Don’t let them tell you that, it is not their role to intervene in every conflict around the world. This conflict is not any other conflict. Renowned diplomats and experts have provided every evidence of why these black live must be saved. Asking a dictator to abide to UN-agreed terms and to respect human rights is not a healthcare or spending vote in Congress. It is the right thing to do. A bill banning asylum seekers from Cameroon from being deported back to be killed is not a solution of why these people are risking their lives to the US. A dictator who is using U.S-donated weapons to ethnically erase a people is the reason. Paul Biya has been in power for almost 4o years.

My Letters to DC


Never in the history of the world has a conflict whose solution is available and whose architects are still alive like Queen Elizabeth been allowed to destroy innocent lives. The root cause of the genocide is a botched decolonization process masterminded by the UN and Great Britain.

As an autonomous UN Trust Territory, British Southern Cameroon witnessed unprecedented economic and political development from 1953-1959, becoming Black Africa’s  First Democracy with several peaceful elections with peaceful transfers of power. These entrenched democratic values were crashed when the UN and Great Britain out of Cold War gimmicks violated the terms of the UN Trusteeship Council with impunity by attaching the territory to the Independent Mandated-territory of French Cameroon indirectly ruled from France in 1961. The colonial and democratic developments in the territory were forcefully abolished following the discovery of oil in the British Southern Cameroons, leading to a deliberate marginalization and assimilation policy by the majority French Country. (Here is the French-speaking president of Cameroun, Paul Biya confessing that he wanted to assimilate the English-speaking people into the majority French-speaking country). This frustration reached boiling points in 2016 with peaceful demonstrations in the territory asking for a return to their terms of union as two independent entities in 1961. The majority French-speaking country and its leadership responded by killing and burning entire villages, leading to a resistance that has now destroyed millions of lives only in the English areas. Sadly, the same flimsy reason given in 1960 that the autonomous territory was not ripe for self-rule despite ruling its self for more than 8 years (1953-61) leading to today’s genocide are still being echoed by the same power-brokers who created the conflict at the UN.

Charred body of a baby burnt alive in the Village of Tiben, English Cameroon by French Cameroun soldiers 11 February, 2021

Joe Biden has been here Before

Like Apartheid, on 23 July, 1986 when then Senator Joe Biden challenged Reagan’s then-Secretary of State, George Schultz, on the US policy of doing nothing against apartheid, action is needed now to end the genocide in English Cameroon. Like the Blacks in South Africa, being “excoriated by a repugnant regime”, the English-speaking people are killed daily by a repugnant regime in power for 40 years as well with the only difference being that this time around, it is a Black man who is doing the killings on behalf of France’s and UK’s economic interest. Like in 1986, when President Biden, then Senator called on Mr. Schultz to stop the killings immediately and think of the after-effects later, the genocide on the minority English-speaking people must end immediately. “Deeply Concerned, Worried, we are monitoring, we call on…etc.” have been the dog whistle for France and French Cameroun to continue with the killings. In the midst of the killings and burning of entire villages in Anglophone Cameroon, the UK government with Newage signed a 1.5billion oil contract with the killers of these people for oil and gas to be exploited in the area where these people are being killed and driven out of their villages (Here is the then British Minister for Africa shamelessly defending the act). This shows that the architects of these killings don’t care about these BLACK LIVES, but only about their resources.

President Joe Biden in 1986, standing up against the maltreatment of Blacks in South Africa during apartheid

British Southern Cameroon is Ripe for Self-rule

The western media, lobbyists and diplomats must desist from the deceptive use of the phrases: “The entire region will be plunged into chaos etc.” anywhere in Africa when citizens rise up to effect change. We are not savages. This lie, like apartheid has enabled dictators to continue to kill with impunity in Africa. The West has precipitated these Atrocity Crimes by defending the dictators with colonial mindsets and derogatory statements like this from former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Mr. Tibor Nagy:  “We don’t want to create mini-state that will depend on the west for aid.” Mr. Nagy is talking about a territory (British Southern Cameroon) that today provides 60% of the entire Cameroun’s GDP; where its abundant oil and gas fields in the Gulf-of Guinea are exploited by Western multinationals, with no benefit to the people. A territory larger than Belgium, Holland and other UN-Member States. An autonomous territory with a democratic history, forcefully annexed by an autocratic territory.

The same mantra was never advanced with similar conflicts in Europe. Yugoslavia never plunged Europe into chaos when it dissolved. A Brexit vote or Scotxit vote never plunged Europe or the UK into chaos. The congressional Black Caucus must frown at such pronouncements that qualifies us black people as wretched and primitive, good at destabilizing wars. The same diplomats and lobbyists have used South Sudan as an example of a failed state due to the civil war after independence. This narrative is bought by BLACK politicians in Washington, which at the end portrays the Black man as incapable of self-rule, fueling derogatory statements like go back to … Shithole Africa. The truth which must be sounded by all black people about South Sudan is the fact that, external powers engineered the civil war for oil interest. A president in the West is right to fire his VP. What that VP cannot do is to retreat to his/her state to pickup arms. The fired South Sudanese VP Riek Machar retreated to the bush to pickup arms and was supported by external powers that missed out on oil deals under Salva Kiir, when South Sudan got her independence. Their hope was for Riek Machar to overthrow Salva Kiir, thus fulfill their oil interest.

President Biden: Support and enforce a negotiated settlement now to end this bloodshed

President Biden, the Genocide in British Cameroon needs to stop now. An attempt by Switzerland to end the killings by bringing the parties to the table like the UN did in 1961 has been thwarted by French Cameroun backed by France, as the world watches in silence as the genocide continues. Like in the Apartheid days, where you could only bark and not bite, the difference today is that you are the president. Your video opposing the apartheid regime was the chief motivating factor in the African in American community in the 2020 election. They see you as a fierce defender of truth and justice.

Please President Biden, It is time to end this Black apartheid/Genocide through an unconditional ceasefire first and an unfettered independent investigations into the Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated by the French Cameroun soldiers and authorities. This Truth Commission will facilitate a genuine return to the table by authorities of the two territories as they did in 1961, prior to their fake union, this time around with representatives of the UN, US, Russia France and the UK. The UN must right the wrongs of forcing two incompatible cultures together, which has resulted to this disaster and bloodshed. I thought Eritrea and Somaliland were enough of a lesson that one can’t force a woman to stay in an abusive relationship to please her parents?

President Biden this is my back, please have it.(Please forward my message to the Whitehouse)

Thanks. Joyce

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