Babies as young as 4 months to mothers as old as 90 are killed and incinerated. Women (breastfeeding as young as 16 to old grannies are raped in broad daylight. Innocent civilians like Pius Awah from Bafut and handicaps like Samsoya from Kom were beheaded on Camera. A handicap called Stick man from Kumba was not spared. An assembly of young men in Bali, Muyuka, Nkambe, Santa, Buea were executed and bodies incinerated.

Some of the more than 3000 Innocent Anglophones Burnt at Home. Some burnt in December, 2018 by French Cameroun Soldiers

On most French Cameroun social media posts, these innocent British Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians) are derogatorily termed Ambazozos, worthy of elimination. Some even used the Bible to justify the killings of these innocent British Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians). The church that is well entrenched in this region has refused to shield these communities with the bible’s truth, even as they preach that Jesus died to save mankind from their sins. Their condemnation of these barbarism has been tepid. (Below are some few images of the more than 23000 killed).

“Opinion leaders” from this minority whose subjects are killed daily with their villages torched have unapologetically sided with French Cameroun, hoping to be the first in line to reap the largesse that has failed to come since 2016, when the killings began. In their parliament they are ridiculed. Former soldiers who dropped their arms to join them kill their brothers are promised death, if they complain of neglect. A parliamentarian of the SDF who led scores of military men to kill his own people to justify the killer’s fake democracy at the end was treated like the very Amba people (Ambazozos) whose bodies they abuse daily.

SDF Anglophone Senator Barrister Kemende being ridiculed by French Camerounians in their parliament

Cardinal Tumi Thought he will be Like them when he dies.

The fact that these opinion leaders from Mbah Ndam, Fru Ndi, Mussonge, Fon Chafah, Fon Mukete, Fon Angwafor etc fail to condemn the disrespectful treatment of their subjects in life and death not only emboldens the abuser, but entrenched in them a sense of anglophone worthlessness. “They are anglofools. Who allow their subjects to be killed like that.” A social media post laughs at Anglophone Cameroon elites who remain silent as their villages are razed by French Cameroun soldiers. Traditional leaders who side with the French Cameroun killers have watched in silence as the soldiers defy their own traditional institutions. Palaces have been burnt, ancestral shrines desecrated. Kings have been killed and their corpses displayed to the public; a taboo to these traditional leaders who side with the French Cameroun authorities. They have watched in silence as these institutions which they still hope to return from exile to head have been desecrated. “You can still be against Ambazonia fighters and still be against the destruction of palaces.” A subject whose King now resides in Yaounde opines. “They have shown to the enemy that they are worthless.”

Fon Angwafor II of Mankon defending the French Cameroun Soldiers as they rape, burn and kill in his own village

“This is exactly why the corpses of Mbah Ndam, Cardinal Tumi are treated with such disrespect like the Ambazonian (Ambazozo) people that they kill daily. Look at what they did to corpses in Pinyin, Kumba, etc. Had Tumi, Etc opposed these treatment of their subjects, at least these people would have believed that Anglophone lives have value, and ought to be treated with dignity and respect. I felt bad when I saw that video, but he did not feel same when he saw the smoldering bodies in Bali, Kwakwa, Mautu etc.” He concludes. Suzzy (not her real name), sees it holistically. “Let me tell you. If Cardinal Tumi was valued like other French Cameroun citizens, those people taking those pictures would not have tried to do that. Think of Fame Ndongo, being filmed and with promise of a rope to tie him to the mortuary. Hahaha.” She laughs. “The Tumis, Mussonges etc think they will be the same as the French people. liars” She concludes. As for the arrest of those responsible for the video. Many describe it as a joke.

French Cameroun Soldiers taking selfies of innocent Anglophones Killed

The Disrespectful Video: The video taken at the prelate’s dead bed shows casual discussion, with no emotions of the intended treatment of the dead man.

NB: This is for illustration only.

Shocking Remains of the respected Cardinal Tumi, displayed dishonorably to the world by French Cameroun citizens. The prelate died on 3 April, 2021 in Douala, French Cameroun

Who Was Cardinal Tumi

Cardinal Christian Tumi, the former Catholic Archbishop of Douala has died  aged 91 – Cameroon Intelligence Report

Cardinal Tumi was born in what is now Northwest Cameroon on Oct. 15, 1930. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1966 in the diocese of Buéa.

He studied in Nigeria and the United Kingdom before going on to earn a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from a Catholic institute in Lyon, France and a further degree in philosophy from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Tumi served as a bishop in Francophone regions of the country from 1979. He was president of Cameroon’s bishops’ conference from 1985 to 1991 and president of the Symposium of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) from 1990 to 1994.

Pope John Paul II named him a cardinal in 1988 and three years later appointed him archbishop of Douala, a post he held until his retirement in 2009.

Cardinal Tumi received the Nelson Mandela Prize in July 2019 for his efforts in promoting peace and human rights.

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