Fourteen months ago that an impeccable source inside French Cameroun’s heavily guarded presidential palace conferred to certain news organization that Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator has expired, the porridge coming out of the kitchen of the authorities in Yaounde have failed to quench the hunger of the world to see a vivacious Biya. Since the report last year (Details here) the 88 year-old has not been seen in any live event. All what the world has been been served with are doctored/photoshopped images of a purported living Biya. In carefully edited and pre-recorded national addresses, the make-up artists and video-effects companies have no doubt done a pretty lousy job, with even unexposed digital immigrants easily spotting their malfeasance. In the latest ones, he is seen photoshopped at his 89 birth day with his wife missing one of her hands. He was also seen at a funeral (where his wife’s hand was superimposed on a male hand). The questions thus linger on, if the perpetrator of genocide in English Cameroon were alive, why all these efforts to edit still photos for the public? Why not just show him out there as he used to return from numerous oversea trips?

The Missing Tooth Hoax

In some of the deepfakes videos of the missing president addressing the nation, one of his upper tooth was shown to be absent. This act many interpret as another hoax to divert public anger against the oligarchy. The missing tooth had the numbing effect on the disillusioned masses. Many attain a level of psychological victory that nemesis was catching up on the “living” Ozymandias. Many could be heard laughing and asking God to precipitate the eventual outcome of the dictator. “His time is approaching. He thought he will live for ever etc.” A social media post intimates. For the paranoid clique that now managers the country, such fissures of anger are necessary to pre-empt the dreaded apocalypse that has prompted the concealment of Biya’s demise which will soon be difficult to conceal as covid becomes history. Come next May, the “strong and healthy” 89-year-old Biya will be expected to be present live with cops or in a coffin to preside over national day events that have been postponed for the second time this year. The ruling clique has used covid as a reason despite organizing football and music occasions that congregated millions. The hypnotic missing tooth is intermittently inserted in doctored pictures in moments of deeper nationalistic reflection by the Camerounian docile masses.

Wealthy and flamboyant Biya with a deliberate missing tooth

Recently when questions made the rounds of why Biya missed National Day events on May 20, 2021 and an all African summit in Paris on 18 May, 2021 organized by the Kingmaker of French Africa – France, the hypnotic missing tooth was again released with Biya performing the same rituals of handing over a gift to a diplomat. To the curious mind, the release of these still pictures once more generated more questions. If Biya is as healthy as they claim, why didn’t he go to Paris or preside over national day in the capital Yaunde? Many could be heart questioning. ” I now truly believe that Biya is no more.” A resident in Cameroun’s economic city of Douala opines. “Biya lives in Europe and now is not in Paris, invited by France. This is unheard of in Francophone Africa.” He concludes

Biya too Poor to afford a dentist?

it is an obvious fact that the missing tooth is a ruse, as Biya is amongst the world’s richest dictators. Celebrity Net an online news site conservatively lists Biya as worth about $200million. With such wealth and absolute powers in Cameroun, Biya is an unapologetic spender. Here one remembers the 2009 spending of $40,000 (£24,500) a day at La Baule in France. “Cameroonian president, accompanied by a large delegation of over 40 persons, took up residence at the Hermitage and the Royal, two luxury hotels in La Baule for three weeks. At a closer look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an African president vacationing in France. That is, until the 42 000 euro daily rooms bill, — excluding extra costs (food and beverage, leisure; casino, spa sessions, shopping etc…) — for the three-week holiday is revealed. At the very least, only the rooms bill stands at about 880 000 euros for a three-week vacation. To spice it up, “one may add the 340,000 euros per day spent on a chattered plane that would have been on standby for 3 weeks!” .

Surprising then that a man who can charter a plane for any dentist around the world in a jiffy and who used to spend all his time abroad can afford to go without a tooth in front of a country that does not doubt nor question his extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle. Hard to believe is that his flamboyant and luxurious wife can allow her husband to display an empty tooth to the world. To many in Cameroun, all the photoshops and no live events is a testament that Paul Biya is not alive. Below is another fake propaganda report from the government deceiving the people that Biya is alive. In the video, villagers are assembled to sing and dance att a passing caravan of cars claiming to be Biya’s entourage. They are then interviewed to confess that they have seen Biya alive and strong. The alive and strong Biya is invisible in the fast moving cars, neither did he stop to commune with the villagers from his home town.

Biya’s Genocidal Killings Persist in English Cameroon (Ambazonia)

As the ruling clique continue to conceal the passing of Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator, the killings which he ordered in Anglophone Cameroun persist. Women and children are burnt daily. More than 450 villages have been torched by the French Cameroun mostly Bulubeti soldiers, bent on keeping Biya or his tribesmen in power. Till date, more than 24,000 innocent civilians have been killed in the most heinous ways. Below is the remains of over 40 houses burnt by the soldiers, now called occupying forces in Nsoland in the northern part of English Cameroun, on the 18th of May, 2021. The soldiers still claiming to be taking orders from the long gone commander-in-chief, looted stores and animal farms before setting them ablaze to conceal their steal. More than seven people were also killed, some roasted in their sleep.

Remains of buildings and pens burnt by French Cameroun soldiers in Nsoland, Northern British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia).

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