Family members were in absolute shock and anger, with no one to listen to their agony. With French Cameroun military casualties mounting and with inability to conceal from the world, revenge has been on the vulnerable citizens. Their homes are razed, livelihoods decimated. The poor farmers were at a training meeting to better their farming know how in the farming community of Bafanji, 5 June, 2021, when the French Cameroun soldiers surrounded the building and opened fire on them. The massacre was ordered by the French Cameroun colonial governor of the region, Mr. Lele Afrique. One of the shot farmers died at the bare bone hospital in the area. Like the other assassinations of innocent civilians in this 4-year-old genocide, no one has bothered to issue any explanations to the vulnerable people of British Southern Cameroons. Traditional leaders, colonially-imposed mayors and parliamentarians of the ruling oligarchy are too scared to sympathize openly with these mourning families. Some sympathizers claim the soldiers were called by French Cameroun spies littered in villages facilitating the genocide. “They don’t value our lives, as no one just kill people from hearsay. Why didn’t they even arrest them?” A mourner questions.


Since the genocide began more than 4 years ago, the French Cameroun colonial governor of the region, nicknamed butcher has killed more than 10,000 innocent civilians. He has equally presided over the razing of more than 230 villages in his colonial area of command. so far, the global community has remained silent, thanks to the backing by France of the Atrocity Crimes of French Cameroun. To count some of the corpses killed by Lele Afrique, click here and here. More than 24000 people so far have been killed in the genocidal war declared by French Cameroun, on the once autonomous territory of British Southern Cameroons.

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