On Sunday 29th of May, 2021 at Mile two Nkwen, Bamenda, Beltus, a bike rider and a father of 1, was on his bike when the French Cameroun soldiers hit him and his only source of survival – his bike. As he showed frustration by demanding why they hit his bike, one of the arrogant and untouchable French Cameroun Bulubeti militias under mummified Paul Biya with no iota of remorse unloaded his AK on the poor Beltus. His head was shattered into pieces. “They were smiling behind the pickup after shooting Beltus” An onlooker narrates. “What can we do? nothing. We are animals. The other time one of our fiends was shot because he could not give them 500 cfa($1) as bribe. Someone should help us. Please.” He pleaded.

Yer Village Invasion: On Saturday May 29, 2021 The same unhinged French Cameroun soldiers backed by France invaded the village of Yer in Nso, Bui division pulling out every male from their homes , beat them and allegedly collected money, several village sources have confirmed. “After severe torture, they will demand 10,000frs in order to set the victim free”

In Ekok, Eyumojock subdivision, in Manyu County, is searching for the whereabouts of their brother after the French Cameroun colonial Bulubeti colonial militias/soldiers arrested him at his construction site on May 21, 2021. “A brother of ours was picked up by BIR in his building site since early May 21, 2021, we haven’t known his whereabouts nor heard from him. His name is, Assam Kenneth Ayamba, popularly called Machine.” A Relative narrates. Like other missing British Southern Cameroonians, his body is surely decomposing in a bush or in a stream. Several citizens of the region have been killed and thrown in rivers, others buried alive and others submerged with heavy objects in rivers by French Cameroun soldiers. Some victims were tied to trees in the forest and let to die and rot like these decomposing corpses in Manyu County of the territory.

KILL AND DUMP: The wife of Eric Fodiy in Wainamah, in Nso area, northern portion of the territory collapsed after the corpse of her husband was discovered days after in the bush. Cameroon News Agency reports that French Cameroun Bulubeti militias/soldiers kidnapped three men in Jakiri town, Jakiri Sub Division on Tuesday 27 May, 2021, and took them to an unknown destination. Two of the men whose bodies were later discovered are Eric Fodiy and Blasius Tardzenyuy. The third person’s name is still unknown. The three men were in their 40s or above.

Following the killing of about five French Cameroun soldiers in the village of LASSIN, by British Southern Cameroons self-defense volunteers, the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias randomly went after innocent civilians. They killed two civilians and arrested four in Kuvlu on May 27, 2021.The genocidal French Cameroun army were on their way to Lassin, through the villages of Luh and Ntur-ba-nyam.

EKURU VILLAGE MASSACRE: French Cmeroun colonial forces killed at least 8 civilians in Ekuru village, Ako Sub Division in the North West part of British Cameroons (Ambazonia). Villagers say the forces arrived early Monday May 31, tied up young men and shot them at close range. Most of the victims were dragged from their beds without clothes and shoes. The colonial forces were reacting to an attack on two forces between the localities of Ako and Nkambe Subdivisions. Ekuru is neighboring village to Amba but the Fon that controls these villages lives in Akwaja.

Luh Village Massacre: Early Monday May 31, 2021, French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers killed two brothers as they invaded Mbunkfu quarter in Luh village, in Ndu Sub Division in the North West region. Pa Yembe died on the spot while his brother, Pa Christian who sustained injuries died later. More than 7 civilians were seriously injured. This attack was carried out by a mixture of vigilante group members and the French Cameroun colonial soldiers camping around a place called Ndemsa.

Killings in Luh Village

Lynching and Forced Suicides

Random killings were carried out by French Cameroun soldiers all over the territory as seen from this eye witness report in Kumbo area. “The military just shot and killed one civilian guy in junction Bamkikai Kumbo. This young man just came last weekend to bury his father May 26, 2021.” Same was reported in Lebialem where an innocent man – Anthony was hanged by the French Cameroun Military. Military moved into Njentse village pulled Anthony out of his house and got him well beaten then used a rope made a noose and hung him on a tree, where he died painfully .”And it should be noted that his younger brother is in Kondengui prison now for years just because of this struggle and he was the only one looking after this his jailed brother.”Same killings took place in Mautu where a grand mother and her grand daughter was murdered out of fun by the French Cameroun soldiers. (Pictures below in the gallery).

Suicide in Fundong:

A recent case in point is that of a poor barber call Kuma Innocent aka “Discuss”. He had his barber’s shop at the Fundong park ,and unfortunately for him thieves broke through his door and used his ceiling as an passage into other shops where they stole properties. These la Republique vigilantes together with the terrorists gendarmes arrested this barber and accused him of the theft .He was asked to pay the sum of 500,000frs , imagine a village barber who hardly earns 1000frs per week is ask to pay 500,000frs .How and where will he get that kind of money from ?They told him to go and search for the money giving him a deadline to pay the said sum . He went home took his barbing machine and handed it to his mother to Keep. He then disappeared and was only discovered after a while that he had taken his own life by hanging himself on a tree. The incident is blamed on French Cameroun funded vigilantes. Ever since those rogues in the name of vigilantes were planted in Fundong by the La Republique agents ,the people of that community have gone through hell as they frame up stories and get you arrested to the Gendarmerie, where you will

be charge to pay exorbitant amounts of money.


Renowned French Cameroun blogger now in exile Michel Bien Tong reports that, “BIYA POWER MURDER IN BAMBALANG AND ACCUSES INDEPENDENTISTS: Trustworthy sources, on the night of May 25th to 26th, a militia close to Yaoundé’s power (other sources talk about Cameroonian soldiers in civil) abducted an imam and his deputy before killing them from cold blooded in Mbashih village, BAMBALANG (northwest or northern Southern Cameroons).According to a local native we contacted, these religious leaders lived in harmony with the population and were highly appreciated by the BAMBALANG Marines Forces (the armed group that hairdresses the locality) for their preaching to them. But Biya power activated its propaganda machine to make international opinion believe that these imams were killed by BAMBALANG Marines Forces. His relay agent par excellence on social media, a certain Nkonda Titus aka Ma Kontri Pipo Dem, is the one who released the information as well as the victim s’ images. Don’t ask us who he got them from, you already guess.It should be remembered that this assassination occurs hours after 6 Cameroonian soldiers were killed in Lassin (a village near Bambalang)”

Bodies of Imams Killed in Bambalang, NW British Cameroons

SCORCH EARTH IN TADU, NSO BRITISH CAMEROONS: Frustrated with no collaboration from the people of the territory, French Cameroun soldiers continue their scorch-earth policies al over the territory. From Ndian to Nkambe, their presence has caused desertion from the communities. This has not only given them the latitude to steal but also burn the leftovers from the stores of the poor villagers. In the month of May 2021, the most conspicuous scene (18 May, 2021) was in Tadu village in Kumbo area. More than 40 homes were burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers. The looted stores were set ablaze. Livestock was killed at random. Several casualties have been recorded in these attacks, with one of them being a pregnant woman who received a bullet in her stomach around “Kona Water” towards Mbveh in Kumbo. Below are the chilling images of the destruction from a colonial government that at the same time is scamming foreign bodies to contribute money to reconstruct the more than 450 villages burnt in British Southern Cameroons.

Names of families rendered homeless in Tadu. These are the individuals whose houses were burnt and who are on the run for now with their children after been rendered homeless.The ngoi compoundLate mbinkar AUgustaSanda oumaraouHassan manjoLate willian komeLate banlanjo GeorgeMborong isaacLate William mborongMborong isaacThaddeus mborongFai Kih cpdHumphrey ghansibeLate genevarius Lukong leoNgalim joeWorngo AbelAbel banilaLate chrisanthus lukongLate brother to LukongJingkoo winifredNgwang kavi Oliver


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