As calls grow louder about the genocide in the English-speaking regions of Kamerun ahead of the African Nations Cup tournament (slated to start on the 9th of January, 2022), the French Cameroun “Colonial” forces have intensified their killings of the minority English-speaking people of he Former British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). Just in the past week, more than 28 innocent civilians and children have been executed by the brutal French Cameroun soldiers, backed by France. This latest intense killings began on December 22, in which the soldiers sniffed life out of two young girls, 4 and 16 in the town of Bamenda. The scofflaws now called occupying soldiers in their thirst for blood started firing indiscriminately at homes in the neighborhood of Ngomgham. The innocent children were killed in the process. Another girl, Naomi, had a fractured hand. In addition to torturing others to death and burning homes, five innocent mechanics in the village of Oku, were publicly executed by the French Cameroun soldiers, on 28 December, 2021. In Ndu Local Government Area of Ambazonia, a grand father -Pa Tantoh’s home was broken into by the soldiers around 3 am. Relatives found his body perforated with bullets the next morning. “We are lucky to see his remains. Our other relatives are still to be seen now for two years.” A mourner narrates. The only crimes of these people is that they are English-speaking and so can be killed anytime by a French Cameroun soldier who is having a bad day.

The Chomba Massacre

As the oppressed people continued to see their relatives executed silently, the master of these weekly executions came in from the village of Chomba in NW part of Ambazonia. After burning homes in the village, the French Cameroun soldiers forcefully arrested 4 civilians – Chi Apolo, Tiku Bright, Swirri Franka and Nsankwa Bright. All attempts by relatives to trace their whereabouts were futile. “All we could do was just pray for their lives to be spared.” A sobbing relative narrates. After raping the two women amongst the four arrested, they were then executed by the soldiers and abandoned in an uninhabited building. The bodies were discovered on the 29 of December, in an advanced stage of decomposition (Video below).

Extra-judicial Killings by French Cameroun Soldiers in Chomba Village, British Southern Cameroons


The  war in “Kamerun” pitting the minority English-speaking people of former British Southern Cameroons or Ambazonia and the French-speaking Cameroon or La Republique du Cameroun, declared by its 89-year-old missing president is in its fifth year. The atrocities committed by the central government of Paul Biya, based in Yaoundé, have seen minimal scrutiny like other conflicts in Africa for several reasons:

Firstly, the government of 89-year-old Mummified Paul Biya, has punitively restricted both national and international media from venturing to report the atrocities.

Secondly, the government has embarked on an aggressive global misinformation and lobbying campaign, even when the evidences are overwhelming. This began with doling out golden statues to some influential global leaders like the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (Click here), Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland (click here), worth about $4 million. This partially explains  why these leaders have been mum on the atrocities committed by the French-speaking government. France and the Francophonie have cooked up a narrative of dismissing the atrocities thus emboldening Paul Biya.

Thirdly, the West has put up no concrete action to force the regime of one of Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictators to engage in concrete dialogue to seek solutions that respect the historical origin of this conflict. The absence of this global pressure has allowed the government of La Republique du Cameroun, to carry out mass Atrocity Crimes   – Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Genocide.


Like Gambia that formed a union with Senegal and peacefully separated when the union could not work, British Southern Cameroons after conditional independence formed a union of two equals with French Cameroun in 1961. Marginalization by the majority French Speaking country, forced the English-speaking British Southern Cameroons (black Africa’s first democracy) to ask for a redress of their vexations by sticking to the terms of their 1961 union agreement. The French speaking Cameroun by virtue of its number, might and colonial instincts backed by France, deployed troops to kill and maim the English-speaking people. More than 32000 British Southern Cameroonians have been killed (click here for details). Villages four times the size of Gambia have been razed by the French Cameroun soldiers. (Click here for details)more than.

Please read the details of this dirty war her (click here)

Burning of Villages in British Southern Cameroons, as captured by the BBC

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