In its 6th year, with no end in sight, victory impossible as earlier warned by the international community, the French Cameroun, soldiers backed by France, have intensified the executions in English-Cameroon(Ambazonia) unseen in any recent conflict. Alarmed by the silence of the church, international community, the vulnerable English-speaking press in Kamerun, is staying mute no more. Conversant of the consequences which is silent disappearance like their colleague Simon Wazizi, the Post Newspaper is biting the bullet. In its latest edition, the paper describes the stench from decomposing corpses in villages and rivers executed by the French Cameroun soldiers backed by France and the West in English Cameroon. Corroborating the paper, reports in Kumbo, Bafut, Bamenda and other areas see families narrate how their relatives were simply picked up in their sleep and if lucky their corpses will be seen for burial. Communities report how they have been busy burying corpses dumped in their vicinities and rivers by French Cameroun soldiers.

“My brother was arrested by these soldiers at home. I was sleeping with him, till today I have not heard about him. Its been two months now.” A tearful man in his thirties narrates. His mother’s plea to the Presbyterian church where his son used to worships has fallen on deaf ears. “The moderator is the one helping these soldiers to kill us.” an observer in the village of Bali chimes. “He lied about a Christian killed in the church here by the French Cameroun soldiers, the angry woman continues. She is referring to a Christian – Mrs. Numvi. Read her story here.

Corpse Flooding in a River in Bafut, English-Cameroon, killed and dumped by French Cameroun Soldiers

Below is the image of one of the Atrocity Crimes Committed by the French Cameroun soldiers this week in Kumbo. Two civilians burnt in their sleep.

TARGETED KILLINGS SINCE 2016: Former U.S Ambassador to Cameroon, Henry Balerin, as the sole diplomat horrified by the atrocities attempted to walk a fine line by describing the genocide as “targeted killings of anglophonesThese “targeted killings” are evident in the killings and burning mostly in rural areas in English-speaking Cameroon, where the French-Speaking population is unlikely to be present. However, there are overwhelming evidence of genocide. These incorporates asking  entire villages to leave or be exterminated, calling English-speaking people dogs or terrorists (Click here), scorching entire communities (Click here),killing of innocent civilians (and justifying their extermination with fake Dane guns), mass raping (Click here) and purposeful humiliation like asking citizens to swim in mud, (Click here)among others.

These crimes have largely been under-reported by organizations that governments around the world depend on for informed decisions such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group, Genocide Watch among others. These organizations that are still to independently and thoroughly investigate these killings continue to use fake figures from the government of Cameroun that has no credibility in the eyes of its own subjects, talk less of the global community. Despite social media evidence of these crimes, the continuous use of these fake figures have helped to an extent to reduce the conflict to a courtyard feud of two kids, thus providing cover for the continuous extermination of the English-speaking population with no remorse. Bold face lies of recent by the French-speaking Cameroun government include denial of its soldiers executing innocent women and children in the Northern part of the country (BBC, Click here), denial of killings of men-of-God among others (Read more at globalgong website). At least 33,000 have been killed since 2016.

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