Despite the global hike in food prices and the suffering people in English-Speaking Cameroon (Ambazonia) go through daily to feed their families, French Cameroun soldiers have intensified the destruction of crops and food items in the territory. Although this has been one of the features of the genocide that has been going on now for six years, the intensification of the destruction at this time when the world is facing hunger due to cut in supply from Eastern Europe is no doubt war crimes. The recent destruction (pic below), was in the locality of Belo, in the northern Part of the territory where a food warehouse for market women was deliberately burnt by the soldiers. Locals in their hideouts could hear the soldiers saying in the colonial language – French that, “nous détruirons toutes leurs récoltes. Ils mourront de faim. C’est de la nourriture terroriste….” Loosely translated as, “we will destroy all their crops. They will die of hunger. This is terrorist food…” Boh Luh, a farmer, was also killed by the French Camerounian military (11 June, 2022) and his body dumped in a corn field

Food Genocide

WFP, OCHA and Other UN Agencies Prefer to Fund Raise on Hunger, instead of Ending the Genocidal Actions

Since the start of the genocidal civil war in 2016, the actions of destroying means of sustenance of the population of the English-speaking part of the country has been consistent. Reports of the destruction of farms, burning of pantries, grocery stores etc have been covered by the press, but no condemnation has ever come from the United Nations or its agencies based in the French Cameroun Capital of Yaounde. They have rather opted to fund raise of the plight of the people instead of calling on the French Cameroun soldiers and their bosses to stop the action. The same French Cameroun authorities who assigned the soldiers have in face-saving actions seen at times with scanty bags of rice, pretending to console the more than 2 million internally-displaced. “We don’t want all these rubbish they call food.” An internally-displaced recounts. “We can grow our food. Just end this war and these wicked soldiers destroying our crops and food items” She begs. Below are some images of crops and food items from other villages, destroyed by the French Cameroun soldiers.

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