French Cameroun Soldiers backed by France Raze +26 Homes, Execute +11 more Innocent Villagers in English Cameroon.

Ngalla Genesis and Mr. Tamfu Christian were gunned down by Mbororos, armed by French Cameroun authorities early Thursday morning 6/16/2022, in NDU. The random killings by Fulanis equipped and protected by the French Cameroun soldiers has rendered several thousands homeless as homes have been razed as well. These latest killings accompany 9 innocent villagers including a baby executed by the sanguinary French Cameroun troops, in Missong, Fungom locality of the territory. This was duly acknowledged by the colonial authorities in Yaounde. This latest killing in Ndu, incensed the population who dreaded the odds to descend on the town of Ndu to tell the world to help end the killings in their communities, mastermided by French Cameroun soldiers and their appointed colonial authorities.

Villagers in Ndu, marching against French Cameroun atrocities 16 June, 2022


During a raid by the Cameroonian army in the village of Djinfuin, not far from BELO, Boh Luh, a farmer, was killed by the French Camerounian military on June 11 and his body dumped in a corn field. The murderous soldiers were searching for camps of Anglophone Defense Volunteers, said to be located in the village. Pah BOH LUH was murdered and dumped in a nearby bushes by the soldiers backed by France in the ongoing genocide.

Widowed with three young children: One disabled Ma Margaret Nah was shot dead by French Cameroun genocidal military near Mbengwi Monastery, 09/06/22. Her children could not bear the pain of losing their mother.

Mother of 3 Executed by French Cameroun Soldiers

Ndop Massacres: French Cameroun colonial military, June 9, 2022, stormed Bamunka, in Ndop Local Government in British Cameroun (Ambazonia) setting houses on molesting villagers, setting homes on fire and executing many. In the murdering process, a popular business man whose brother is in the French Cameroonian army was shot and killed after having his provision store burnt down. The French Cameroun Military accusedhim of marchng with Ambazonia Defense Volunteers

Other business and training facilities for orphaned women and girls were also burnt down by the French Cameroun soldiers. Sources say they accused the facilities of helping provide life skills to girls who are friends to Ambazonia self defense volunteers. “…the military went to Bamunka early in the morning when people were still asleep….and started burning houses,” a source narrates. At least 13 houses houses were burnt. Some victims of the arson, according to the reports were business people. “The man who owns one of the biggest provision stores in the area had his shop burnt,” the source continues. “This man’s brother is a military man. He was abducted and forced to march with Ambazonia Defense Volunteers on October 1, 2021, the local said adding that , “when the military came and asked why, he categorically refused taking part in any parade.” “…………the military went on to show a picture of him marching. He was then pulled out of his house killed, and the house and his shop set ablaze.”


Still in Ndop, a BIKE RIDER AND OTHERS SUMMARILY EXECUTED: He was falsely accused of being an Ambazonia Defense Volunteer (ADV) and shot with many others by the LRC Terrorist Soldiers. He sustained life threatening injuries but did not die. His family took him to the hospital in Ndop for treatment. The terrorists French Cameroun Military, backed by Macron of France, came back to the hospital, took him to the junction, and executed him in the view of the general population. Below are the images.

Burnings and other Destruction

In Ndop, more than 15 houses were burnt. In the locality of Belo, it was more fire with tears coming mostly from women as penned by this reporter: “Amongst the shops burned is a plank room in which market women keep their plantains and other belongings. Further report says that pipes that were kept in the the room for a water project that just started were equally burned to ashes. According to our source, ” The total number of houses burnt on 11 June 2022, by the French Cameroun military along the Belo, Fundong route are at least 10. Stores looted and property destroyed Others were burnt in Ashing 4 burnt , sho 3, kikfuini 2 and Bobong2.” Below are some of the destruction.

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