These pictures at the British Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroun, during condolences to the British people sums up the willingness of the British Government to allow Macron and French Cameroun to continue the genocide on the British Territory of Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia). The picture shows the late Queen Elizabeth, at Buckingham Palace with British Southern Cameroon leaders, (another with some leaders in Nigeria), in the 50s, as they prepare for their independence, as was prescribed in the 1919, Versailles Treaty( Trusteeship Agreement). This full independence has never been achieved as the Queen in complicity with De Gaulle, the UN, will violate the Trusteeship Agreement which was to prepare all the territories seized from Germany for self-rule.

The result of this blatant violation of the Trusteeship Council involved organizing a fake plebiscite for the territory in 1961, leaving out the option for independence. In its place the Queen asked the territory whether it wanted to gain independence by joining two different independent dominions. As an autonomous territory with a functioning Government, two democratic transitions, the British Southern Cameroons, was forced into a Union with France’s oversee province -French Cameroun in 1961. The Union never worked out as the territory’s vast resources forced French Cameroun (France) to abolish the Union (similar situations between Ethiopia and Eritrea etc), thus the start of marginalization of the territory. Despite years of warnings by the CIA, of an impending civil war if the apartheid-level treatment of the English-speaking Southern Cameroonians continue, France ramped up the assimilation with French schools, administrators etc. The English Common Law System was replaced with French Civil Law etc. Like the CIA predicted, the British Government(Queen) who created the mess were busy with the French sharing the rich oil potentials of the territory. This video of the Former UK Minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin, defending Newage’s oil acquisition in the British Southern Cameroons in the midst of the genocide sums up the role of the Queen and the UK, like in apartheid South Africa – go for their economic interest first.

Harriet Baldwin, defends the UK’s BLOOD FOR OIL & GAS POLICY, in British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia)


The civil war, that Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, has emphatically stated is a genocide based on his stages of genocide has seen the killing of more than 40,000 innocent civilians since 2016. Villages more than the size of the US State of Connecticut have been burnt down by the French Cameroun soldiers (now called colonial soldiers by the citizens of the territory). This genocide is backed by France and her diplomatic allies. Despite affirmations by US diplomats like Mr. Henry Balerin, that there is “Targeted Killings” by the French Cameroun soldiers, the White House has silently backed France in this extermination, while acknowledging the plight of thousands of displaced people from the territory around the world. The Biden Administration’s Temporary Protective Status for refugees from Kamerun is an acknowledgement of the genocide on the minority English-speaking people who are executed daily as they struggle to assert their colonial attachment to British/Anglo-Saxon values. The British Government on its part has remained silent on the killings as Paris violates whatever human rights provisions exist in the world.

Queen Elizabeth and Son Charles, now King Charles


Like in Apartheid South Africa, the civil rights movement in the USA, Gandhi’s silent resistance to British colonial rule, the English-speaking people of the British Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) have shown to the world that, the UN’s forced Union with France/French Cameroun has come to an end. They no longer take control from Yaounde. Elections or other activities organized in the territory are boycotted, all forms of resistance to the French Cameroun is evident everywhere. However, as Black People, whose resources are more important to the western European allies, these civil disobediences that are celebrated worldwide as signs of peoples’ power have been ignored by these same western powers, as French Cameroun/France try to suppress them with tanks, bribery, corruption, daily executions etc. “We don’t want anything to do with French Cameroun, the territories interim Government led by Dr. Sako Ikome, affirms. “We find it hard to completely mourn the Queen’s passing, as she literally died with one key to our freedom. Thank God, we know our history and still have a copy of this key and will fight for our freedom.” He affirms. (Below are images of innocent civilians killed and burnt by French Cameroun soldiers, backed by Macron in Bali, British Southern Cameroons.


As the Queen becomes history, the genocide on the minority English-speaking people of the former British Southern Cameroons continues. France is bent on obliterating the territory to expand its Francophone empire. On her part, the British Government has practically acted like another French oversee Territory – watching in silence s the French violate every treaty. The UK has conducted a BREXIT for herself, but will not support the same vote for the people of the territory who have shown their hatred for the Queen’s 1961 decision. The British Monarchy, organized a SCOTXIT for Scotland, but has refused to take up the British Southern Cameroons genocide to those who matter for a democratic resolution, as the West claim democracy is the bedrock of stability. With King Charles on the throne and having visited the British Southern Cameroons, the genocide on this British Territory by French Cameroun can be ended if the British Embassy in Yaounde, look at the image of the Late Queen with Southern Cameroons leaders and remind the British Parliament and King Charles to organize a Referendum for the territory like they did for Scotland. For Six years now, it is clear that the people of the territory are done with the Fake Union with French Cameroun.

To read more about the current genocide and the history of the territory, now called Ambazonia click here.

To get a sense of the number killed over the years since 2016, please click here

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