British S.Cameroon Genocide: “Dogs” Fight to Save Maumu Village Razed by French Cameroun Military.

The sympathizers include, not their political representatives, but livestock (sheep and goats) that watch in agony as the fire consumes houses of their masters on 11 December, 2019. The poor and frustrated villagers run helter-skelter, some bemused. A woman with a baby on her back hurries to the village’s party store as the fire blazes through a section of the wooden structure. The heat and smoke didn’t deter her as she uses a rock to pick the lock on the door, as sympathizers throng in to help save whatever could be saved from the greedy fire. Seemingly drained of any shock, as the torching is not unusual, their communal weapon of wailing/empathy spiced the village’s atmosphere. “Jesus, Jesus” A voice beckons. Their plea to the international community has yielded no fruit. Their only weapon now seems to be their faith.

Dog Watching “Dogs”….

“Maumu, Maumu” a weeping voice reverberates. “Cameroun Military invaded Maumu and removed them from their homes and set the homes on fire”. The voice narrates in the video, as a baffled dog looks on, as his “kindred” ferry stuff away from the flames. British Cameroonians are called dogs (chien) by the French Cameroun’s Appointed Governor to the territory, Mr. Okalia Bilai, who has now killed more than 8000 British Cameroonians, since he started calling them dogs. Last month, more than 108 were killed by the governor, setting some ablaze in their homes (Click here).

Mr. Okalia Bilai, Setting the Tone for the Genocide, by calling British Cameroonians Dogs (Chien in French)

Desperate boys back from their hideouts as they are targets of the French Cameroun military, watch in desperation as the embers and ash, signal a job well done by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/military, under the command of Governor Bilai. “They just burnt these homes for nothing”, one discombobulated man chimes in as he walks by the remains of some of the buildings gulped by the fire. Maumu is farming community located in the outskirt of the town of Buea, in British Southern Cameroon. This “Torch Warfare”, by the French Cameroun military in British Southern Cameroun is yet to be condemned by anybody in meaningful authority. More than 9500 homes have been torched since the conflict began some three years ago. (see images here)

Maumu Village Torched by French Cameroun Soldiers/Militias 11 December 2019

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