British S.Cameroon Genocide: They Kill, We Count; the World Watches. +218 Killed in November 2019.

Another deathly month in the ongoing genocide in British Southern Cameroon by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias. As usual, they kill with pride and arrogance, wrecking havoc in the process. They try to justify their actions by placing Dane guns on the innocent victims. Where there are no Dane guns, they strip them naked, looking for any red color. Their creed is, “Thou shall kill any British Cameroonian you wish”. Just like in the case of Hitler who was forcefully removed, the global community continues to pamper the dictator. The values they used to pride themselves on like Human Rights, Justice, Democracy and Human Dignity are shelved.

From Mbot in Donga Mantung, Bafut, Awing and Balikumbat in the Northern Zone to Muea, kumba and Lebialem in the Southern Zone, Biya’s militias continue to shatter all records of human cruelty. In Muea, more than four innocent farmers were killed point blank. In Bambili, a grand mother was shot in her own home in the presence of family members. The anguish was palpable from the wailing (see video below). Such frustrations were echoed as well in Awing where the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias killed and burnt villages. At Mile 12 Santa, they did not only destroy foodstuffs like in Awing, but emptied a bar, and what they could not drink was destroyed. In Bafut, a 19-year-old tire repair boy was pulled out of their home and assassinated in front of his parents and siblings. Here’s the testimony: ” “We all were in the kitchen and the soldiers after prolonged shooting in the village and burning of the house of our neighbor, entered my house. We were all in panic, They pulled out my son and asked us to follow them. They then shot him in front of us, and ensured he bled to death before they left. There was no Restoration boys in our quarter. There was no exchange of fire. My son was a tire repair man in Bambui. He is an innocent child. Why they executed him like that, we cannot explain. To watch your own son bleed and die in front of you is….”. The traumatized parents of Amahbo Cyprain, could not hold back pain and tears as they told mourners last 16 November, 2019, at the interment of their son (Read more here)

Blindfolded and Ready to be Killed by French Cameroun Militias in Fako

On the day three diplomats deceived the global community that they were meeting King Biya at his palace in Yaounde for a solution to the Genocide that has claimed more than 16,000 lives, the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias were upping up their killing game. As the champagne glasses were clinking in Yaounde on the 27 of December, 2019, at least 5 innocent farmers were executed point blank in the farming community of Muea, Southern Zone of British Cameroon by French Cameroun’s appointed Administrator and ICC prospect Okalia Bilai. These farmers were caught on their way to their farms. The lifeless bodies could be seen with their farming tools like machetes. (Read more here). In British Cameroon, it is but normal for anybody to be termed a terrorist, and executed by the French Cameroun soldiers, now seen as occupiers by the population. In Lebialem, scores have been killed as the military is on a night vigil in the community. pictures of killed victims include an innocent bike rider executed alongside his passenger on their way to Dschang, a nearby French Cameroun town. The luggage he was transporting is one more evidence of the Crimes Against Humanity being committed in the British Cameroons.

By month’s end, more than 218 British Cameroonian lives were taken away by the French Cameroun Bulubeti soldiers. Below are some of the pictures and videos of the killings and destruction. Please double click image for enlargement.

Videos of Some of the Killings and Destruction in November 2019 by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias.

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