British S.Cameroon Genocide: More Executions Welcome AU, C’Wealth and Francophonie Delegation to Yaounde.

The Palace at French Cameroun’s Capital Yaounde, has been more than a beehive, including leaders who have deliberately watched in silence the massacre of more than 16,000 British Southern Cameroonians. The guests on the 27th of November, 2019, were an epitome of nothing, but neo-colonialsim – From the Commonwealth’s Patricia Scotland to the Francophonie’s Louise Mushikiwabo, and the French-controlled African Unon’s President Moussa Faki Mahamat . The ineffectual nature of their visit is epitomized by King Biya’s execution of five more innocent British Southern Cameroonians.

Farmer Executed in Muea by French Cameroun Soldiers

While these accomplices to the genocide in British Cameroon, were smiling at King Biya’s Holiday Reserve in Etoudi in Yaounde, the French-sponsored French Cameroun soldiers were on a killing spree in British Southern Cameroon. At least 5 innocent farmers were executed point blank in the farming community of Muea, Southern Zone of British Cameroon by French Cameroun’s appointed Administrator and ICC prospect Okalia Bilai. Their crimes – being Male and British Southern Cameroonians. These farmers were caught on their way to their farms. The lifeless bodies could be seen with their farming tools like machetes. In British Cameroon, it is but normal for anybody to be termed a terrorist, and executed the French Cameroun soldiers, now seen as occupiers by the population.

Mousa Faraki of AU, Mushikiwabo of Francophonie and P.Scotland of the C’Wealth.

These Atrocity Crimes have been going on now for over three years. All calls for these three organizations or bodies to intervene have been futile. Patricia Scotland’s Commonwealth has snubbed protests by victims of this genocide in London, pretending, they have not received the reports from British Southern Cameroonians. She is on record in 2017, calling for Dialogue between the two territories. two years later with more than 16000 killed, her organization has failed to acknowledge French Cameroun’s violation of core Commonwealth principles, despite consistent sanctions by the U.S of the French Cameroun government for such abuses. The Francophonie and the African Union, both controlled by France have no incentive to solve the conflict as they see it as an expansion of France’s and Francophonie’s language and influence, on this former British autonomous territory which gained its independence in 1961. On details of how France and Francophonie rule the African Union, Click her. Last month alone, more than 250 innocent civilians were killed by the French Cameroun’s occupational army. To read more about the conflict click here.

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