POTUS Must Act Now: The Army General who Executed an American Preacher and Burns Thousands of others Alive

The pride of an American travelling around the world is the confidence that his/her life is worth not less than every other American anywhere, even the President. People from other countries are aware that America leaves no one behind and nobody who harms an American is too big, strong or old to pay for that crime. From the closed country of North Korea with no diplomatic presence, to the scary hills of Afghanistan, no one who harms an American goes free. Jihadi John can testify in hell that, even behind the mask in the dreaded Raqqah, America got justice for the Americans he publicly displayed and killed.

Daring the US by Killing her citizens and Defying Calls for Dialogue to Stop Atrocity Crimes

One American whose life has proven to be worthless is that of Missionary Charles Wesco, murdered by General Agha Robinson, on 30th October, 2018, in front of his family in Bamenda, UN-mandated Territory of British Southern Cameroon. His death unlike other Americans was barely mentioned by the White House, nor White House Media corps . Very scary to many Americans around the world. Baffling that Mr. Wesco paid the price of a dictator’s defiance of the US, which had called for an inclusive dialogue to end the conflict. The US as a rising Super power after WWII, had voted for the Independence of the British Southern Cameroon in line with the rules of the UN Trusteeship Agreement which was to prepare these territories for complete independence, not Association with another (Mandated) territory. General Agha and his fellow soldiers from the former mandated territory of French Cameroun, have, embarked on relentless Atrocity Crimes on the once self-governing people of British Southern Cameroon, which was forced into a Union by the UN (in defiance of the UN Trusteeship Rules) with an “Independent” French Cameroun in 1961. The Wesco family had no iota of doubt about the killer and the reason: “quite probable he was targeted because he was a white, English-speaking American “ They told ABC News. The beautiful Wesco family had moved to Africa’s first democracy – British Cameroon, to live a peaceful life and to spread the word of God, to these welcoming people.

Journalist Mimi Mefo was clear that the killers were Gen. Agha’s boys. For speaking the truth, she was jailed. The “targeted killing” of English-speaking people by Gen. Agha has been known to the Americans since May 2018, when the U.S Ambassador in Yaounde Mr. Henry Balerin, told the world of Agha’s extermination tactics –“Targeted Killing of Anglophones” . This strategy as of today according to genocide expert Dr. Greg Stanton, is a Full Genocide. The Washington Post, captures the killing of Mr. Wesco, in the following report by which the interviewed Mimi and others fault Gen. Agha and his master – Paul Biya.

Washington Post’s Report on the Killing of Missionary Wesco

Who is Gen. Agha the Incinerator?

Gen. Agha Robinson was a timid kid at Cameroon Protestant College (CPC) Bali in the 70s. He was fondly called Mbuyang (Boredom), by his classmates. He was an average intelligent student, when compared to the competitive nature of CPC Bali at the time. He joined the French Cameroun Army with a single Advanced Level. Being an indecisive, and low – esteemed person, he became a stooge for the sanguinary Paul Biya. When Biya declared War on British Cameroon in December 2017, all he did was send the academically gullible Agha Robinson to annihilate his own people. This he did with a passion. Agha embarked on the most bloody killing of the minority English-speaking people. They were killed and burnt in their homes. Babies as young as six months and men as old as 92 were burnt at home. Handicaps beheaded, others killed on crutches and wheelchairs. Hospitals were burnt with patients in; nurses and doctors (some pregnant) summarily-executed. Villages and foodstuffs were razed. Others were killed and submerged in rivers, or buried in mass graves. His own Division of Origin Menchum, (his village is Eshimbi) was decimated with extra pride and arrogance, to please the 87-year-old Paul Biya. Christians were killed with no mercy. Young girls were sexually assaulted at gun point, others raped in broad daylight. Classmates of the gullible Agha wonder how a man should be sent to kill his own people, burn their villages, while building his own house, with imported materials. He disgraces the proud “Bali Old Boys”, who are known for their wit, some lament. Agha fails to learn from John Garang, who when sent to kill his own people, decamped and only returned to Khartoum for a peace agreement with North Sudan. His actions show just how vulnerable, insecure and unprincipled he still is. They concluded.

A Religious Tint to his Atrocity Crimes

Ethnic/Religious Cleansing by Aghaa in Wum, borrowed from the French in Rwanda in 1994.

Worst of the Genocidal tactics of Aghaa was religious extermination, in which the minority Fulanis/Muslims were armed and aided by his soldiers to kill and burn Christians and their homes. In total, Gen. Agha has killed more than 10,000 innocent British Cameroonians including Missionary Charles Wesco, and other Christians, and Bible Translators. He razed hundreds of villages, and disappeared others. For the brutal General Agha, allowing the families to identify and bury the corpses was leniency, which he detested. In order to exacerbate and immortalize the family trauma, the bodies were burnt by him and his soldiers. Sadly, Aghaa has remained a free man.

Men-of-God Murdered

Sexual Assault of Females: Gen. Aghaa, began his Ethnic/religious cleansing by convincing jittery parents of his Alma Mater CPC Bali to send their children to school in the ravaging war. Little did they know that he had a mission to not only execute teachers but abuse mostly the female students. Soldiers were not only allowed to abuse the students sexually, but those who resisted their sexual overtures were molested and humiliated publicly like swimming in mud to the glee of Agha’s boys. “Soak your breast well in the mud” Agha’s boys could be heard coercing the young girls at gun point to swim in mud, while they continue to laugh about their sexual organs.

Young Girls Being Sexually Abused by Agha’s boys in front of his Alma Mater, CPC Bali

The Incinerator: Gen. Agha is called the incinerator as not only people were burnt alive, but their corpses were after being killed. Gen. Agha and his Crimes Against Humanity have remained unsanctioned. His brutality was rewarded with millions of dollars, that enabled him to construct a king’s mansion in Bamenda, worth millions of dollars in the midst of a war, despite depriving others of their own refuge/huts. He remains one of the luckiest in the world for killing an American, presiding over ethnic and Religious cleansing of a people with documented evidence. Doesn’t the Wesco children and British Cameroonian Americans owe closure for their relatives eliminated by Agha Robinson and his acolytes? How different is a Killer of an American in the Middle East from that in Africa? Below is a precursor to Agha’s Crimes Against Humanity.

Video of Some of Agha’s Victims Burnt Alive.

Few Victims of Agha’s Genocide

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