What Ocha Cameroun hid from its tweet on french cameroun destruction in Owe & Ikatha Villages in british Cameroon.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is a United Nations (UN) body formed in December 1991 by General Assembly Resolution 46/182. The resolution was designed to strengthen the UN’s response to Complex Emergencies and Natural Disasters. The genocide in British Cameroon by France, UN and French Cameroon is not a Complex nor Natural Disaster. It is a man-made disaster fueled by an expansionist/colonialist state of French Cameroun, backed by France

French Cameroun gained independence in 1960 and became a UN member same year, while the autonomous territory of British Cameroon gained her own independence in 1961 and under the same UN mandate voted to form a union of two equals with French Cameroun in 1961. Due to violations of the terms of their union in 1961, British Cameroonians in 2016, asked for a redress of their grievances, but were met with brutality and war of elimination, which morphed into a genocide. History has a lot to learn from on how such union conflicts are handled. Britain never declared war against Scotland before the 2014 referendum. The UK simply gave them the option to stay or leave and campaigned to convince the Scots why it was good for them to remain part of the UK. English Canada never declared war on Quebec’s demand for independence. The EU never declared war on the UK for deciding to leave the union. In all these cases, the majority has simply consulted the will of the dissatisfied people through a free and transparent vote. This has not been the case in Cameroon. The UN which is versed with this history has enhanced this genocide through pretense. The result is that the conflict has now killed more than 20,000 people, rendered more than 50,000 as refugees in Nigeria, the burning down of more than 10,000 homes. An additional 1.5 million are internally-displaced with more than 3 million children out of schools in the English region alone. With facts of history and evidence of loss of legitimacy by French Cameroun over the British Cameroonians, the UN has continued to pretend by advancing flimsy notion of territorial integrity, when it knows French Cameroon as a UN member-state in 1960 never included the territory of British Cameroon. The basic principle of a democratic vote to test the will of the people have been ignored.

OCHA Official. Why are they not Seeing the Evidence?

With embers from the burnt bodies and homes still hot, blood from the mangled bodies still fresh, from the 2 February, 2020, incident at Owe and Ikatha where +13 people were killed, the authorities of the UN Agency – OCHA-Cameroun, deliberately omitted these killings as has been the strategy of all the UN Agencies in Cameroun charged with providing facts to the body to avert such Atrocity Crimes. The greatest liar has been the Head of the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA), Mr. François Louncény Fall, falsifying history and lying about the killings. Most often he has used Boko Haram and Central Africa as decoys. To him the notion of territorial integrity supersedes human life and genocide. The question has been which territory, if the organization he incarnates can respect the historical obligation to the UN mandate of British Cameroon? In line with this deliberate deception of the world, OCHA Cameroun used the visit to the destruction in Ikatha and Owe in Fako by French Cameroun soldiers to solicit donations for them to carry on with humanitarian needs. There is no mention of the killings by French Cameroun soldiers, whose Prime Minister, Dion Ngute, was in the vicinity two days after the Atrocity Crimes, to wine and dine. OCHA’s tweet, never tagged UN Scribe Antonio Guterres or any other Security Council member for intervention despite the overwhelming genocidal evidence for intervention.

HERE’S THE RAW VIDEO OF OCHA’S OMISSION: The question is why the disregard for the Human Rights of British Cameroonians whose history and cradle of their extermination are incubated by the UN? British Cameroon is the jewel of the Gulf of Guinea, with abundant oil and gas resources. For Antonio Guterres and France which currently milks the territory, Human Life isn’t worth their economic interest. Below is the video of what the irrelevant United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Cameroon (OCHA), ignored in Composing the tweet. Irrelevant as stated earlier because the Genocide in British Cameroon (see Genocide Watch’s Assessment) is not a Complex Emergency or Natural Disaster, as is the role assigned to OCHA.

French Cameroun’s Continuous cleansing of British Cameroonians.

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2 thoughts on “What Ocha Cameroun hid from its tweet on french cameroun destruction in Owe & Ikatha Villages in british Cameroon.

  1. That’s what really happened u can see what the military are doing I was there that day the incident happened the military was shorting everyday one I took some children and run with them into the bushes


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