The U.S has spoken through its Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft and that for Africa, Mr. Tibor Nagy. Both have stressed the need for an inclusive dialogue citing the Swiss Initiative as vital. Both the Netherlands and Belgian Ambassadors to the UN have echoed same route to peace. The U.S Congress has equally voiced support for a negotiated settlement. From the renewed and intense burning and killing of the English-speaking minority by the French Camroun majority under Paul Biya and backed by France, these words are proving to be hogwash. The Atrocity Crimes on the colonized people of the British Cameroons has continued unabated. Former excuses like, “we were unaware of the gravity” of the situation as did former diplomats on Rwanda in 1994 have been quashed by social media that has enabled an instant serving of these happenings on the menu tables of these power-brokers. A content analysis of tweeter tags to Ambassador Tibor Nagy, Rep. Karen Bass and Ambassador Kelly Craft, show that these personalities receive a minimum daily tag of British Cameroon issues of about 30. This is enough to lure these powerful personalities to muster the courage and do the right thing of STOPPING THE GENOCIDE by forcing French Cameroon to the table and to initiate a fact-finding mission. Mr. Tibor Nagy has been categorical that, a military solution is unattainable. He has however shied away from any action to help stop the killing and burning, unheard of in the 21st century. His many tools in his tool box are still untested.

Innocent Farmer Killed in Fako.

In Limbe villagers heard night shots only to find unidentified bodies near security posts.There was no doubt from the inhabitants, what the French Cameroun military have done. “They surely kidnapped him somewhere and came and killed him here”, One resident said. We cannot identify him. The same random killings to traumatize families by deliberately disposing the corpses elsewhere was evident in Awing, where another strange corpse was burnt alive. In Bangem, the destruction both in human and material was visible from space. Amnesty International writes, “satellite imagery from 20 January confirms that more than 50 houses in Babubock and neighbouring villages were burned to the ground during a military operation around 14 January 2020“. The death toll was more than 50, with aerial bombings reported.

Amnesty International’s Satellite Images of French Cameroun Burning in Bangem.

Bekora Ekondo Titi, which had been razed earlier in 2018 by the French Cameroun Bulubeti militias saw more burning and killings. More than 13 innocent civilians were executed by the soldiers. In Ekona similar executions were reported. In the distant village of Mbiame in Bui County, homes were torched by the soldiers including a church. Three innocent civilians were executed and burnt by the military (see images and video below). In all, more than 200 British Cameroonians were executed by the French Cameroun military. More than 230 homes were also burnt including livelihoods. The village of Balinyonga was severely burnt including market shops. Pigs in pens were not spared. ” It is a scorched-earth policy”, one resident concluded. “Why kill livestock, and nobody is saying anything?” Amnesty International concludes that the increase militarization of the British Cameroons in view of elections was a “pretext for a much more sinister operation”. (Read more of Amnesty’s Report) . Below are Some of the images of killings and destruction in the month of January 2020.

Images of Some Victims

Torched Villages of balinyonga, Pinyin, Awing, OKu, Mbiame and Victims

Videos of Some of the Killings in January 2020 by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias
Some of the Burning at Balinyonga

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