Three NBA Millionaires who condone Genocide in their homeland.

“ I feel like racism isn’t over….people  are still behind him…. It’s just a shame” he states in an interview following Trump’s victory in 2016. These condemnations one would have thought were a window into the “good” heart of the French Cameroun born NBA star – Joel Embiid, but is nothing, but hypocrisy. Like an Ostrich, Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia Sixers, Pascal Siakam of the  Toronto Raptors and  Luc Richard Mbah a Moute , formerly of the LA Clippers, have all stuck their heads in the sand to the genocide in their home country – Cameroun. Embiid decried racism in America, but has failed to send out just a tweet against the killing of the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon, by his 87-year-old “missing” dictator Paul Biya. The Killings shocked the U.S Ambassador to Cameroon, Henry Balerin, to term it “Targeted Killing of the Anglophones. Renowned genocide expert, Dr. Greg Stanton, of Genocide Watch, was more emphatic, calling it a full genocide. These killings have eluded the global attention thanks to a sophisticated lobbying effort by the French Cameroun authorities and a deliberate silence from its subjects all over the world like those in the NBA.

21 = Joel Embiid, 43 = Pascal Siakam, 12 = Mbah A Moute

 Embiid, Siakam and A’ Moute, are enjoying the hospitality, freedom and opportunities that the Anglo-Saxon culture offer, but are unable to defend the rights of the minority Anglophones (anglo-saxon) in Cameroon. The statistics so far are chilling: More than 20,000 have been killed. About 1. 5 million are internally displaced, +75000 are registered as refugees in Nigeria. More than 400 villages have also been burnt by the French Cameroun soldiers, backed by imperialist France. The silence of these stars with such celebrity status is a sheer disregard of the lives of the minority English people of British Cameroon. Read their history here., as Black Africa’s First Democracy in the 50s.

British Cameroonians Driven from their Villages by French Cameroun Soldiers.

Ngarbuh Failed to prick their Consciences

The latest massacre at Ngarbu in which more than 37 innocent civilians including 14 children and 8 women (some pregnant) were massacred, still saw these NBA stars staying mute, despite global outcry. Just like Embiid lashed out at Donald Trump for racism in the U.S and still enjoys his freedom, thousands of British Cameroonians (Anglophones) are in sacred bunker prisons in French Cameroun for criticizing the 87-year-old dictator. Others were maimed, killed, incarcerated in the worst conditions for peacefully demonstrating against their Discrimination (Racism if in the U.S), from the majority French Cameroun authorities from where Embiid, Siakam and A Moute originate. Just like racism in America that the NBA star railed against, the same scenario is playing out in Kamerun where the minority English-speaking people are discriminated from jobs, investments, appointments, language etc. While racism saw blacks being derogatorily called N…s in the US, thus lynching, the minority English-speaking people are called dogs, settlers, fools etc, by French Camerounians, thus justifying their sub-human nature, hence the killings. About 6000 were killed in 2019 alone.  (click here for videos and images).

Some of the Innocent Children Killed at Ngarbuh,
by French Cameroun Soldiers
Four-month baby in the blood of her killed mother in British Cameroon, by French Cameroun Soldiers.

Selective Attention

Even though Mbah a Moute runs a Foundation that helps people in his French section of Cameroun while their soldiers commit genocide in the English-speaking regions, he has failed to extend the foundation’s largess to the more than 1.5 million displaced by French Cameroun’s Atrocity Crimes. More than 2 million children in that part of Cameroun have not been to school now for more than 4 years. Apart from the destruction of health facilities, the soldiers have also been using rape as a weapon. Many women and children have been raped, some in broad daylight. It’s time for the NBA to question these stars’ hypocrisy.

17-year-old Breastfeeding Mother Raped in broad daylight by the Roadside by French Cameroun Soldiers

The conflict started in 2016, when citizens of this once independent country went on the streets (Like Black Americans did in the 60s) to seek a redress of structural discrimination, but were met with brute force. More than 120 were killed with live ammunition, including helicopter gun ships. Some were deliberately shot to maim, “ I will see how you will demonstrate again” One victim shot on the leg tells sympathizers at his hospital bed. The situation later degenerated into a full blown war, launched by Africa’s most brutal dictator, Paul Biya. The French Cameroun military proceeded to burning villages with their inhabitants. A global call for dialogue by foreign powers to tackle the root cause of the conflict has not been heeded to by the majority French Cameroun authorities, who believe in suppressing the freedom-aspiring British Southern Cameroonians. For those killed and maimed in 2016, click here

Innocent British Cameroonians Burnt by French Cameroun Soldiers (for more burning click here

Root Cause of the Genocide

The root cause of the war dates back to the 60s when these two independent territories/countries – French Cameroun under France and British Southern Cameroon, under the UK, were coerced by the UNO to come together in 1961 to form one federated country, with equal status. With abundant oil discovered in the shores of the British Southern Cameroons, the majority French Cameroun leaders abolished the terms of their union. A rigorous policy of assimilation was embarked on, seen through the imposition of the French language in schools, courts and administration in the region. A call by the citizens for a return to their initial terms of union was met with brutality, leading to what many today are calling a genocide. The conflict, although stems from a failed decolonization by the British authorities, is now an example of black on black colonization, to protect imperialist Europe’s economic interest. Russia, UK and France are owners of British Cameroon’s Gas and oil resources. As Security Council members,the genocide has been off the council’s deliberations. Click here for More about the history of British Cameroon

Pascal Siakam Draped in the French Cameroun Flag at the NBA 2019 finals, while Genocide/ethnic cleansing persist in his Homeland

Luck Richard Mbah A Moute, worth about $15 million, was born in Biamesse in Bafia, near Yaounde, the Capital of French Cameroun. Joel Embiid, nicknamed the Process, worth about $35 Million, was also born in Yaounde. Pascal Siakam nicknamed Spicy, worth about $20 Million, was born in Douala, French Cameroun’s economic capital.While they enjoy the anglo-saxon culture in the west, back in Cameroun, the same culture is looked upon with disdain. Their silence on these Crimes Against Humanity against the minority English-speaking people, who like Blacks in America, were asking for nothing but equality, is no doubt a reflection of their character (and those of the entire French Cameroun), of regarding the Anglophones as sub-humans, hence their annihilation.

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