+5900 Killed in British Cameroon in 2019. Complete Images and Videos of Killings and Destruction.


Dictators are not pampered with words alone. This is by no means asking the U.S to launch a full-scale invasion of French Cameroun, but if history is anything to go by, then Neville Chamberlain would have saved more than 6 million Jews from Hitler, with his “Peace for our Times” agreement in 1938. Mr. Paul Biya of French Cameroun, can be Hitler with his brutality on the British Southern Cameroonians, but he is no Hitler in economic or military might, and above all having the strength to defy the values that make the U.S feared and respected globally – Human Rights. Former State Department Official, Prof. Gregory Stanton, of genocidewatch.org has stated emphatically that the situation in British Cameroon is a full-fledged Genocide.

Mounting Evidence of Serious Crimes

Relief Web, which works extensively with religious entities around the world updated these dire statistics: “Out of 789 protection incidents in the month of July 36.4% are related to the destruction of houses and villages. Out of the 74 rape cases recorded only 13 were able to obtain health care services due to the absence of services in their localities. 785 cases of GBV were reported in the same month with indications that both are on the rise”. Concerning dialogue, the organ also wrote: On the 19 of July 2019, the Swiss Ambassador and the Africa Director for Humanitarian Dialogue met with the Prime Minster of Cameroon. In a declaration on 27 July 2019, the chairperson of the AU Commission welcomed the initiative for dialogue to resolve the NWSW crisis. He reaffirmed AU support for any initiative aimed at peace, stability and national reconciliation in Cameroon. (Read More here).

The U.S Congress has a duty immediately to call for an urgent end to the conflict, an inclusive dialogue and an independent Investigation to British Cameroon. It is imperative, the UN will not do it, because of economic interest which supersedes human life.

The UN has Failed to stand up for LIFE because of Corruption.

Below are the images, videos and stories of some of the more than 6000 British Southern Cameroonians Killed in 2019:

Some of the killed from January – APRIL 2019:

Click here for Their stories

+134 Killed in May 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/06/05/british-southern-cameroon-genocide-more-than-134-killed-in-may-2019/

+200 Killed in June 2019

Here are the images https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/07/07/british-s-cameroon-genocide-close-to-200-murdered-in-june-2019/

Handicap called Stick Man, Killed in Kumba, Southern British Cameroon

+202 Killed in July 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/08/04/british-s-cameroons-genocide-here-are-the-corpses-of-the-202-killed-in-july-2019/

+161 Killed in August 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/09/10/british-s-cameroon-genocide-babies-pregnant-women-among-the-160-killed-in-august-2019-by-french-cameroun-soldiers-2/

Six Month Abigail and mother Killed in Ndop, Northern British Cameroon

+146 Killed in September 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/10/07/global-scam-alert-biya-murders-145-english-speakers-in-september-2019-while-parading-dialogue/

Innocent Kid and family members massacred in Mutengene,
Southern British Cameroon

+241 Killed in October 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/11/10/british-s-cameroon-genocide-241-killed-in-october-2019-by-france-and-french-cameroun-soldiers/

Scores of Innocent Bike Riders, rounded up and Shot on a hill in Mbot, Northern British Cameroon

+218 Killed in November 2019

Here are the images: https://ambazoniagenocidelibrary.com/2019/12/05/british-s-cameroon-genocide-they-kill-we-count-the-world-watches-218-killed-in-november-2019/

Blindfolded and ready to be killed in Fako, British S. Cameroon

+251 Killed in December 2019.

Extra-judicial Killings in Donga-Mantung, British Cameroon

Here are the stories and images:


For Some of the More than 10,000 Homes burnt, Some with people Click here

For more Killings Click here

Massacred at their hiding place in the bush

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