The scam Ngarbuh Investigation: How Chemuta divine’s Human Rights commission was used to Deceive the World about the Ngarbuh massacre.

The French Cameroun militias were ruthless. It was a scene that mimics the 1984 movie, “Killing Fields”, (movie about the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia). Yes Ngarbuh was a tip of the iceberg of the carnage and savagery of an unperturbed French Cameroun State militia and its local affiliates. Ngarbuh unfortunately created a global jolt to the lethargic global community. For a moment, they came face-to–face with the tragedy of British Cameroon – Black Africa’s first democracy, currently under French Cameroun occupation since 1961, and genocide since 2016.

No age group was spared by the 87-year-old dictator – Paul Biya; pregnant women, children, some 87 years younger than him were executed. Others were burnt at home. A total of 37 innocent peole including 13 children were massacred. (Please read a true and detailed report of the massacre here). When the world accused the French-supported colonial French Cameroun government of the Atrocity Crimes, the initial answer was to deny, deny and deny it as usual. The world like the last wish of a dying man, called for an independent investigation. Willy-nilly, the same killers were allowed to investigate themselves.

Newly-Released Ngarbuh Video showing the mass Burial

Deceiving the World

To give a semblance of credibility to the world, the lying oligarchy in Yaounde enlisted individuals/organizations with global appeal titles like the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms, the Catholic Church etc, all controlled by the regime. The military that killed the innocent women and children piloted the whole scam investigation. At the end, the outcome barely accused the military, but shift the blame to the “boogie man” – Ambazonian soldiers in the name of terrorists. It is a well-documented fact that, no restoration forces were present in the area. While some members of the global community appreciated the result of the scam investigation, the facts remain that the Ngarbuh 2020, Valentine’s Day massacre was a War Crime that must be prosecuted at the known courts, set up to prosecute such crimes. The Catholic Church that had earlier concluded who carried out the massacre, when the government was sending its men to lie about the killings went along with the fake verdict, through her silence – a body that is supposed to stand for life, truth, freedom and justice. From every indication, the Church and the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms, had no meaningful input in the scam Ngarbuh military investigation, but the presumed credibility of these bodies zonked the global community.

Some of the Ngarbuh Government Liars

The Political National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in French Cameroun

It is a body well named with a global appeal, but an arm of the genocidal regime in French Cameroon. It is headed by one of their party militant – Mr. Chemuta Divine Banda, until his death on the 18th of May, 2020 in Yaounde. Mr. Chemuta was a former diplomat with several ambassadorial years in the West. As usual with the ruling Cameroun Peoples’ Democratic Movement (CPDM) Party in Cameroun, being a senior citizen is one of the cherished criteria for acceptability and advancement in the party. Returning home, Mr. Banda did not fail to enlist in the party. He ran unsuccessfully as a CPDM member of parliament in his native Bafut, British Cameroon. Such open militancy was no doubt assuring to the king pins of the party. As a former diplomat as well, he was conversant with the West. , after all, they have known him well as a diplomat. With such firm beliefs, Mr. Chemuta Divine was thus appointed by dictator Biya as the Chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in 2003. With abuses documented all over the country, the Human Rights boss refused to assert his authority. His title no doubt was used as a ruse to the global community that, there is a watch dog on abuses in Cameroun.

Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda

Dr. Divine Banda Challenged by biya loyalists

The last evidence of the commission’s worthlessness was on 9th May, 2019, at a conference in Yaounde, when the chairman was rudely interrupted by his two vices from dictator Paul Biya’s Bulubeti clan – James Mouangue Kobilla and Professor Atangana nee Ngo Oum Therese). Mr. Chemuta Divine Banda, had revealed that he had called the octogenerian – Paul Biya, to ask him to halt the war in British Cameroon and engage in inclusive dialogue. The vice persons, in the midst of observers and journalists made it clear to Mr. Chemuta Banda, that he as chairman was to get an authorization from them to mention anything about the killings and burning in British Cameroon. Since then, Mr. Chemuta went mute on the Atrocity Crimes. His message shifted from inclusive dialogue to the sweeping chant by genocide apologists that many British Cameroonians are for effective decentralization. He even went further to lie about the killings in the Southern Cameroons. Of the more than 7000 killed in 2018 alone, Mr. Divine Banda and his Human Rights Report for 2018 specifically states that only “…193 civilians were killed in the North West and South West Regions with 114 of the killings attributed to separatist groups, 69 to the defense and security forces, and 10 on unknown persons. It adds that 50 security personnel were killed as a result of separatist attack while two gendarmes were killed by their colleagues”. (For a full report of the more than 7000 killed in the British Cameroon in 2018, including vilages burnt and refugees, please click here). Mr. Divine Banda remained silent even when his native village Bafut was torched severally with heads of his tribesmen hung on poles by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias. All these while the French Cameroun authorities use his position to deceive the world. It was him and his organization that was put forth as the lead body for the Fake Ngarbuh investigation, by French Cameroun, while the French Cameroun military was actually in charge..

Mr. Chemuta Must have died a frustrated man.

Many o f the journalists who covered Mr. Divine Banda over the years, all testified that he was virtually muzzled at his role as the head of the National Commission for Human Rights in Cameroun. While he abhors the regime he served privately, publicly he remained glued not only to the fake directives from Biya and his Bulubeti clique, but the juicy compensatory package that comes with serving as a toothless dog to Africa’s oldest and most brutal dictator. ” He hated what was going on in Cameroon” one journalist said. Like most Anglophone elites who have stuck their head in the sand to the atrocities on their people, nothing keeps them glued to the regime, other than the initial scheme set up by French Cameroun in the 60s to destroy West Cameroon – artificially imposed dependency. While the territory was flourishing with limitless potentials in the 60s, French Cameroun Under its 1st president Ahmadou Ahidjo, made sure he decapitated such vitality to impose a fake dissolution of the federal system under the ruse of poor liquidity and insolvency. Today, decent and respectable men have sold their dignity, values and people for crumbs from the bully who steals from you, and later asked you to beg for crumbs of your looted bounties. One thing that the likes of Chemuta Divine Banda had that could have saved their legacy for generations to come is the ability to resign rather than impose a conflict on their values. Dr. Chemuta is an honorable man and a devoted christian, Like Chinua Achebe says in “Things Fall Apart“, “a man belongs to his “fatherland” when things are good and life is sweet. But when there is sorrow and bitterness, he finds refuge in his motherland. Most British Southern Cameroon Elites have failed to commune with their kinsmen. They have sided with the fatherland – French Cameroun in wrecking havoc to their communities of birth, which is where one finds refuge and solace in times of danger and rejection by the enemy. From one victim in Bafut, whose son was brutally killed by the Bulubeti Militias of missing Paul Biya, Chemuta Divine Banda died a coward.

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