Ritual Beheading in Bafut amongst the +231 British Cameroonians Killed in April 2020. Shocking Details.

British Southern Cameroonians are used to blood on their streets, and so when one of theirs is beheaded by the French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias with no trace of blood as is usual, then tongues must be wagging of why. From Samsoya, Eileen, 4-month-old baby Martha or the six month old Abigail in Ndop murdered with her mother, the surface was flowing with blood. Another 4-month-old in Babanki even slept overnight on the blood of her murdered mother. Human Blood to British Cameroonians is a gift they have come to acknowledge from the genocidal regime of Paul Biya. Back in their camps, and with conversations with friends and families, the Bulubeti militias pride themselves of having rained blood on the “terrorists” (innocent British Cameroonian civilians).

The Bafut Ritual Beheading of Awah Pius, by French cameroun Soldiers

Handicapped Awah Pius, an innocent prison graduate from French Cameroun colonial prison, was at home that 26 April, 2020 in Bafut, minding his own business, when the sanguinary Bulubeti Militias, beckoned on him to come. When he approached them, they demanded for drinking water, which he gladly quenched their thirst like a good Samaritan. Later on, a second batch of the soldiers came along, passed the young man with no issues, and descended into a nearby compound and shot an innocent elder man called Mr. Nditha Raphael, before realizing his age wouldn’t be suitable for the ritualistic mission set for them. Since no young man could be spotted in the village, the Bulubeti troops hurriedly returned to Awah’s home and took him and killed him. Like the pig in “Lord of the Flies“, his head was cut off and the blood carefully collected by some of the soldiers for the rituals. “I was taken aback, one of the informants narrates”.

Video of Awah without any blood.

Practically emptied of his blood, the body was dumped in front of his home and the head like the pig in “Lord of the Flies“, posted on a pole for the family and village pain. Like other savage killings, no blood was where Awah was decapitated. The poor family members could be heard demanding whether their son was a cow to be slaughtered like one. By the time they left the village, more than 22 innocent civilians whom they call terrorists were mercilessly murdered and about 20 homes burnt. To crown their ritualistic action, a mother in her 60s was gang-raped by the Bulubeti Militias. ” I bled profusely for two days before I was taken to the health center”, the traumatized woman narrates. (Read her story here). The image of the health center was void of anything worthy of a health unit. The main hospital in the village was destroyed by the French Cameroun militias/soldiers, with equipment and mattresses carted away by the soldiers in the night. Domestic animals like goats and pigs were either roasted by the soldiers or skinned and taken away.

Bangem Massacre 22 April, 2020

Bafut was not the only massacres in the month of April in British Cameroon. Four days earlier in Bangem in the Southern Zone of the territory, the executions were remorseless. Six young men arrested in their homes were massacred in the most cruel means imaginable. Cameroon News Agency says, French Cameroun colonial soldiers had invaded the area under the pretext of meeting any restoration fighters but “failing to meet the armed separatist fighters, they waited till about 6 a.m. before beginning the process of arresting 6 young men, most of whom were removed from their homes and killed before their relatives, except for one who was captured while returning from hunting overnight in the bush. He was killed and the game he caught taken away. The names of these boys killed include inter alia: 1. Epie Thiery, 2. Ebong Blaise, 3. Ngole Justice, 4. Nzime Lawrence Mesumbe, 5. Sone Desmond Muabe and 6. Nsime Peter. They were executed and carried on the military truck and dumped along the road as they drove out of the village”.

Through out the month of April, the Genocide intensified, with innocent victims tied and shot in Bamnda, Ndop, Kumbo, Oku, Muyuka, Mamfe and other towns and villages in the territory. Others were shot for not putting on face masks by the arrogant Bulubeti militias. Several villages were also torched by the colonial soldiers like in Muyuka were several persons were also killed. Below are the figure count of those killed in the month of April 2020 in the British Southern Cameroons, by the colonial French Cameroun soldiers backed by France and the Francophonie. Intensified also this month is the looting and destruction, comparable only to the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait in 1991. Double click the image for enlargement and details.


Burnt Alive by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/soldiers

Videos of Killings and Destruction in April 2020 in British Cameroon by French Cameroun Bulubeti Militias/Soldiers

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